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The Guy In Uniform
The Guy In Uniform

© Shemona Safaya

Drama Fantasy Romance

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It was a chilly winter morning; Christmas was on its way. She surprisingly got up earlier than her usual time; the only thing which could probably turn her off that early, was the ‘alarm clock’.
Valarie was not a morning person, not at all, but somehow dragged herself to the kitchen and brewed a cup of coffee. She draped the curtains to one side, soaking in as much sunlight as she could, sipping coffee and reading excerpts from her Father’s Diary. The so-called usual morning ritual.
She heard her cell phone ring from somewhere around the corner.
“Yet another Moron!”, she sighed!
She was not in a haste to pick the call, the only people who ringed her phone these days were the insurance company ones.
“There you are!” She kept staring at the number flashing on her screen, trying hard to make sense out of it and finally picked up the call only to realize that she had heard this voice before. The next few lines brought tears to her eyes.
It was him. HER MAN.

She hadn’t been this happy in months; after all he finally called her. She replaced her statuses on all possible social networking platforms from a sad to a happy one.
Above all “he was coming home”. She would finally see him after six long months. In her exhilaration she forgot to change, she had a lot going on in her mind, the plans she had to make to get things in place for his homecoming. Ever since they bid adieu at the airport, all she could think about was embracing him in her arms again.

She hurried down the flight of stairs as soon as the door bell rang. This was the first time Valarie had let her hair down carelessly, not caring about her “bed-head’’ look, in her pyjama and tee-shirt she rushed towards the door, bare feet, as if nothing else mattered.
The voice behind the door said “Hi!’’
He was finally here.
She couldn’t believe; she couldn’t stand the thought that all these months people made her accept the fact that he left. Left the only woman in his life who was not just bound to him through the holy threads of matrimony, but with a much stronger bond. LOVE.

The loud rambling voices of women woke her up. Yet again the same dream, but this time she didn’t wake up screaming with teary eyes or a grief-stricken face. She felt numb, nothing at all. It was time for her to step into reality, to accept the truth life had to offer. She knew there was no running this time, no amount of alcohol or drugs could keep her sane anymore.
“People don’t always stay”, they don’t, no matter how much you plead or cry; they leave.
She got up from the bed, furiously looking through her stuff and made a promise to herself that day, “to never shed a tear again”.  She grabbed the pen lying on the side-table and with all that pain etched deep in her heart, she decided to write a note to her future daughter.

“Dear future Daughter,

I want you to read and imbibe every single word I’m writing here. By the time you open this letter, you would probably be celebrating your twelfth or fifteenth birthday.
The first lesson you need to learn is, that people don’t always stay; they leave, without any prior warnings, with several unanswered questions, with hatred, and even a smile and your heart will break, you will even cry. Just remember one thing, no matter what Mom will be there.
I’ll be the shoulder you need, I’ll be your pillar of strength, I’ll be your beacon of hope, I’ll be your everything.
I promise I’ll try.
Have the audacity to fight this world, make your own choices, and become what you desire, not what the world expects you to be.
Things will trouble you a lot at times, you would pick up your cell phone in the middle of the night, trembling and all freaked out. You’ll stumble through names and yet there won’t be a single person you can call. Remind yourself that moment, Mom is there, that Mom will always be there.
Fall in love or break a few hearts. Write your own fairy tale darling. Surprise yourself.


With tears streaming down her face, she buried this letter somewhere deep in her closet locked in a time capsule.

Romance Tragedy Fantasy Drama.

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