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Pooja Agrawal

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Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

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"So why you were tolerating me for ten years, if I'm so horrible". Pramod shouted. 

"I thought you will change,but now your behaviour is creating a havoc on my senses", Aditi replied calmly but with confidence. 

"So what do you want?" 

"Either you control your anger or I will leave". she asserted.

"You mean you want divorce?"Pramod couldn't believe his ears. 

"Yes of course you left me with no option". 

"This is not you, who's the brain behind and by the way it's your fault,you were accepting me". Pramod was raising his volume. 

"It's me,not anyone else, enough is enough! and now you are blaming me of my acceptance". she was outrageous.

"Look it's not easy to get a job at this age plus your family will be in my favour too". Pramod used these lines as the final card. 

"You have a false illusion Pramod. I'm educated enough to earn and live a sensible life contrary to the suffocating life with you. My family and your family will support me too after hearing your atrocities". She 

Bewildered Pramod understood that now he has to change or otherwise he will lose Aditi and his false image in the society. Aditi could not be controlled anymore.

 Today she has done"seedhi baat ". 

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