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Journey To The Midnight Island
Journey To The Midnight Island

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Well as all of us would know that we need to do something exciting before we get old. That's exactly what happened to us. We were a group of 5 friends who wanted to explore the world. We wanted to go on to many adventures before we die. Our journey started. We all worked and found an island. This island was a 5-hour water drive from Easter[Chile], but to get there we had to go to Lima and then take a boat to the island.

We agreed and left. We successfully reached Lima and rented two boats. It took us 3 hours to get to Easter. Then we took rest and got up in the morning and left Easter. We were shocked to reach there. The time was around 8:45 pm, but was not at all dark. We did not need any torch with us.

We went to the center of the island and found ourselves outside a mountain range, which seem to be protecting something inside. We saw a large movable rock with a handle. I knew whoever was living had an advanced civilization. Suddenly we heard a cry of wolfs and we decided to go inside the rock. My father was in the Military, so I had the license to carry a gun. I removed the pistol and a hunting rifle from my backpack.

We moved the rock and saw a cave inside which was about 20 metres in. We lit up the torches [of fire] we had. Inside the rock, we saw another rock. When I moved closer, to my amusement, I was viewing a Ghost Town. I was admiring its beauty when I realized a mild scent of blood nearby.

I knew that the wolfs might be predating on a creature, but which creature and where. Earlier, I thought it was of a human, but rejected that thought thereafter. As I was searching for that blood, my eyes went to the top of the highest mountain peak and was shocked to see that. I had never in my life seen an oversized, red eyed wolf staring at me from such a height. In no time, it jumped from that height.

The height of the peak would be almost 34 feet. I immediately closed the rock and told my friends about the encounter. We were hell scared and wanted to run from there but we heard their cries on both the sides of the rock. We knew they were waiting for us outside.

It took them almost half a day for the wolves to recede. We had sufficient supplies with us for 3 days in case if something worse happens. The next day, Elena, my friend, peeped out of the rock and saw no sign of wolfs. We ran as fast as we could to save our lives. I did turn back to see if any wolfs were following us and as I turned I saw a wolf holding the hand of human, with blood dropping from it. It was horrible.

Will be continued in Journey to midnight island part II 

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