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The Mystery
The Mystery

© Sneha Patel


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Not long ago there lived a happy troop of wizards in the Spell Valley. The head of the troop was a legendary old hero named Ice Wizard. In the Electro Valley, lived the Electro Wizard's wizard troop. Electro wizard wanted to take over the Ice Wizard's troop. The troops usually had a fight in their war field Goblin Stadium. Once the legends wanted the final fight. The one who wins the war wins the troop. Both the troops agreed. After three months, the day of the war arrived. Both the troops arrived on time but everyone was shocked to see that the Goblin Stadium was completely destroyed. They decided to battle in the Mt. Hogslay. They reached to the decided place. Just as the war started, both the wizard army's and their leaders started attacking each other. Soon, as usual, the war ended but this time the war field was destroyed. No one understood that how both war fields were destroyed. It became a mystery. Both the legends met together and became friends to solve the mystery of the Goblin Stadium. They both secretly started to make a time machine. The structure was ready but only the 3 elements were to be inserted - Fire, Ice and Electricity. The three elements were inserted. Suddenly, the legends were pulled into the time machine and they vanished. They both were stuck in time! They both fainted in the time machine. After they woke up, they were in a extremely dense forest. Suddenly, an earthquake occurred. But then saw a huge T-Rex coming to eat them. They both got scared. Ice Wizard shouted "Run for your Life." Electro Wizard replied, "We are wizards we don't run!" They both used their spells and they defeated the T-Rex. They started to find their time machine but failed to do so. Then they lost their hope and sat near a volcano's foot hills. After sometime, Electro Wizard got an idea of mixing the elements again to travel back to their time. They did the same but they didn't have fire. They went in search of fire but we're attacked by dinosaurs.

They found 2 stones when could rubbed could produce fire. Their idea became successful and they reached back .They both joined their troops and named the new land the The Wizard Arena.

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