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Humans - Lords Of Earth
Humans - Lords Of Earth

© Ananya Mahir


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“Why do you trample me all the time?”
Bleeding, she asked.

“Why do you ruin the grass that is green and the poles that are cold?”

Triumphantly, he answered, "Because I  am a human and I am your lord!"

“But you live here, you came from me, don’t you feel the pain when I bleed?”

"Nay, I don’t.  For I am a human and I am your lord!
We’re not supposed to care.
We come here not to pay a fare.
I was born and I will be dead, meanwhile, I will be on your head
You will be ruined, kicked and trampled
Be sure of it for I have got time and it's ample
You’re only one who doesn’t hurt back
So it is you who’s rolled as if you were a sack.
Wait for the day  when you learn how to adhere and don’t expect much accord.
For I’m a human and I’m your lord."

“But  you were raised on me, and I am your being.”

"Yes, I was, I still feed on you.
But to me like others you are just a thing.
I know you are in dismay but don’t forget my greatest accord for I am human and I am your lord."

She falls, for he has twisted her bones by his words
And sings into a void,
The ocean of greatest absurds.
It wasn’t supposed to be the same
She was trampled when he chose to rise to fame
But quietly she sobbed when everything around was turning to rot
Maybe that was all she could do
For he was a human and he was her lord.

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