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Wayne Chronicles - Random Night
Wayne Chronicles - Random Night

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One random night fantasy.

We are home and done with dinner, as I just sit down surfing through TV channels and you just wrapping up the house chores in kitchen. I get up and come close to you like hugging you for behind. You gasp as feel a bulge on your firm ass but you know it's not quite there yet. Finish your work and take a quick shower don't wipe yourself and don't forget to smell nice. Oh, and do it before my mood goes. I whisper in your ears. You feel goosebumps on your nape as you receive your orders. Yes, Mr. Wayne all you manage to reply.

20 mins later,

You stand stark naked in front of me with your wet un-wiped body looking at me. I continue to surf the channels as it frustrates me that there's nothing worth watching even for 5 mins. I command you to come closer just with finger movements. Fetch my smokes. You run quickly to get them and you hand them to me. I look at you and you knew that you have done something wrong. How am I supposed to light my cigarette? In your ass? I dart at you while pinching your nipple. You worthless piece of wood how? Go get me lighter. You hurriedly get lighter to me finding the cigarette between my lips. I look at you and you know you've to light it. As you bring the lighter I can smell the nice scent on you. It makes me smile and you notice it giving you a sense of pleasure and ease. As I suck through the cigarette smoke flies to your wet skin. I pull you gently by my feet, you take your rightful place. By your master's feet. I tell you to start massaging my leg and feet also make it sensual. You softly start from my inner thighs, fingers barely touching my warm and somewhat hard cock. I caress your head like a master does to his pet. I thoroughly enjoy your massage and simply am in trans. I put my smoke soaked fingers in your mouth as a token of appreciation. You slowly start to touch my cock, massaging it. My cock grows in your grip making me moan audibly. I love every bit of your massage, your touch, your scent. You make me forget that I am smoking too. I look to ash my smoke but I don't see the tray. I ask you where is it. All you do is quietly look at me and then lower them in guilt. Before you could even make an effort to rectify your mistake you feel a sting of burn on your left breast. Chunk of grey ash gave a burn on your sensitive soft skin. Ash was stuck on your skin as it was wet. You could do nothing to clean it and your punishment has just begun. The only way to redeem yourself was to make sure you keep me satisfied with massage. I hold the cigarette close to your skin slow and increasing fire that could touch you at any slight wrong movement or my carelessness or deliberation turns me on. Where's the ash tray I ask you again without any answer I share my cigarette with you and I flick it again on your skin. With more flicks your skin starts to burn and small brown burn marks start appearing. 

I hand cigarette to you as I stand and slide my shorts away. You see my cock all awake with its top glazed in pre-cum. I look at you by my feet, you look like a cheap ash smeared whore indulging in unwoman like activity. I grab your hair and take smoke back from you. Good women don't do such things. But wait you are neither good nor a woman. Just a cheap ash tray. I pull you by your hair till the room you follow me on your fours. I take a seat on the bed and pull you between my legs on the floor. My cock stands tall right in front of your face and I can't wait for you to suck it. You can see my cock throbbing and oozing with more pre-cum. I pull my foreskin down you see a drop running down from the tip. Drink it! I order you. You stick your tongue out and lick my cock on the trail of my dripping pre-cum. I clutch your hair hard and straight away put my cock deep in your mouth. Gagging you and forcing you down on my cock. You grab my thighs digging your nails deep in my skin. Oh, I love forcing my cock in you and even more the way you respond. 

My cigarette is almost over, I stop fucking your mouth and ask you where should I stub my smoke as you so graciously forgot ash tray. Use me master is all you could say to avoid any more punishment. Ahh! Your words made my cock beat. I bring the dying cigarette close to your skin to kill it and leave a burn patch on your flawless skin. Make my cock sloppy as hell to douse the fire. You know what I meant and it got you started. Your sucking got harder and I could feel your saliva running down on my cock flowing on my balls.

I slap your butt with my feet just like a horse rider does to his horse to get faster. Your saliva gathers on sides of my balls I put the dying smoke in your saliva with a hiss it goes off. I pull you out and squeeze your cheeks, are you wet? I ask you and slap your milky fair cheek. It doesn't take much to get it red and I slap you again as you didn't answer. Answer me you cunt I growl. Yes sir, you utter slowly. I get up and throw you on the floor getting on top of you. Pushing two fingers straight inside you without even playing around and finger you hard. 

Who's your Daddy? You moan a with the answer you master. I put my weight on you shoving my cock right inside your vagina. Fucking you hard and rough with my weight on you. Fucking you ruthlessly has always been such a turn on. My cock rips through your tightening pussy drilling it and squeezing my pleasure out of you. Holding your hands above your head by your wrists biting your breasts, sucking them. Licking sides of your tits till your underarms. Your waxed underarms feel smooth on my tongue and my lips. My cock twitches inside you as my tongue and lips touch your underarm. I come on your neck breathe on it as I slow down fucking you. I rub my tongue along your neck where I breathe your scent mixed with smoke and sweat. 

I am going to make your breasts milk in some months for me. With that, I shoot my cum inside you. As my cock slips out I start running my fingers on your clit till you cum.

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