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Vivid Dreams Of Taj
Vivid Dreams Of Taj

© Vidya Ramesh


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She was a young girl, who had many dreams fluttering through her mind. With these dreams, she started her journey to the Taj Mahal along with her friends when she was 15. As it was build by the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his lovely wife Mumtaz, she thought that it would be like a palace with all sorts of comfort and would be great to visit the symbol of love. When she entered the large doors, she was like, “Am I really here or is this a dream," she pinched herself and found that it was a dream come true.

She was awestruck with her cute eyes bright open watching the large marble monument with amusement then along with her friends she smiled and laughed. She crossed the Charbagh and went inside, then all her moments were shattered when she knew that it was just the deathbed of two. She ran through all the entrances to see if there would be anything that she has imagined but Alas! Wherever she went it was all the same. Then she stood in a place calmly where she could watch the Yamuna river calmly moving through its way as it was the only thing that she found relating her vivid dreams and she was happy for that. And that little girl is me!!

Monument Calm Journey

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