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No, You Don'T!
No, You Don'T!

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It all starts when I walk under
a bright sun
And all of a sudden, it turns grey
Flashes of you and us
Blind me to tears
And I stop walking for a while
Like right now
But, hey, I'm trying
Everyone gets tired, right?
The only problem walking
Bleakly on this road is,
I have no idea where it ends or when.
Maybe that's why you left halfway.
It's really sad, you know
No, you don't!
When you and our peers meet
And one of you inform later
Not you, though
And how a spear-like thing
Cuts you deep in the chest
It aches, literally
But you don't know about that
I know, it only happened in poetry
Before for me, too
But it really pounds a little
No, quite heavy, actually
You stop doing everything for a while because it's really sad
And nothing evanesces that melancholy
Not you
Not anyone
And sometimes I try to look back
And see you're just fine
I can't tell you how I feel
It's a paradox
I feel both
But mostly sad
And that's what keeps me moving on
And I'm really thankful to you
For that
Really, really.





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