The Alpha Woman

The Alpha Woman

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Battle of the Board room

There was a rage of discussion in the board room about an upcoming business deals. The board room had 4 leading man and three women in the 40’s. Sara was one of the alpha women among the three women. There was cursory talk about the business retailer from one of the men Alex, who had a sales tone and pitch. He was trying to animate the conversation and he knew the acquisition of the business deal will take him up the ladder that he was eyeing off.

He carefully studied the members of the board room. He ensured that he will not be cut through the conversation and the discussion. He gazed thru one of the female members Mia and felt she was too slow to understand and ensured that she will not contend. He watched Ria’s tired eye and pacing herself.

The shrewd Sara disguised herself to ensure that Alex will not feel threatened. Alex started of the details with typical pitch of a sales person. The members at first were casual and then later understood it was an important deal. The information collected by the team were not sufficient for the prelims.

There was an air of anxiety around. The members appeared to be helpful. Sara wanted to get the vital information and was trying to cut through the lengthy sales talk of Alex. While Alex ensured that he should have the upper hold. He was under the impression that he was the most skillful and competent person of the lot.

Few moments ensued, there was a silence as the members listened to the long conversation. Nobody dared to cut through.

There was a flamboyant description of the retailer who was ready to sign the deal. The $ with billions looked very enticing to Alex.

Ria looked very tired and she had been too tamed to do whatever was told. People took advantage of her mercilessly. Mia was generally very slow to catch up. The other male members were not up to the level of Alex and they meekly listened.

This was the first of the few deals that Sara was participating. She was eager, curious but slowly understood the intentions of Alex.

She understood that Alex wants underdogs, so that he can dominate and shine his way through the deal.

It was the first day of formal meeting after the introduction of the deal. It was a very popular retailer chain wants to strike a deal. The meeting was duly arranged and Sara was a new bie to the team. She wore her striking blue dress and she looked apart. she looked as if she had the intellect and wisdom from the other world.

Her board members were prepared for the discussion, though everyone knew Alex will dominate the meeting. Sara had little hope, but still trusted her intellect. She looked at her the board members. She saw Ria was tired and her skin looked saggy.

The business charts hung across the room. Alex reviewed his board members. She then noticed Sara was bright and lively unlike the other members of the room. She was new bie and there was no expectation from her.

Sara was also simultaneously peering at her team. She then thought she underestimated Alex. He was always spiritful though at times dominating. She then vowed that she would definitely strike a meaningful business conversation by cutting through the noise of Alex.

Alex started speaking in a boisterous voice and showed the charts to his members. He kept talking and he did not expect any exchanges from his members.

Sara went through the charts and luckily she was able to understand the context as she was quite experienced. She has learned hard through experience and come a long way to the board room.

She can strike a meaningful and insightful conversation with the clients easily, unlike the other female folks. She was very independent and has grown up through hard ways. She had a strike of boldness, intellect, humility from hard lessons. She was moderately tall. She managed herself well emotionally and intellectually well even in difficult deals. She can keep herself composed to answer her business and the opposite folks well.

It was during the animated talks, Sara pointed at the AI BOT in the chart unexpectedly and started speaking about her views and experience on that.

It was a big surprise for the board room and Alex tried his best to continue the talk in the pretext of cutting Sara. Sara refused to be ignored. In few seconds the members cooperated on the context and started discussing about the next steps of the deal.

It was an embarrassing moment for Alex . It was the first time in his career , somebody like Sara cut through the talk , and spoke like a commanding leader.

Sara was able deftly handle the mockery of Alex and quickly gathered support. Alex agreed with next set of steps planned for the next three weeks. He was planning to as well thwart the new bie Sara’s moves.

Sara was visibly excited at the prospect of having contributed to an important deal. She hid her excitement as she felt that it might irritate Alex.

She was planning for a passive battle of the board room with Alex. She will let the entire business world know about her.

She belongs to the power women and can use her skills wisely. She is not the meek woman who can sit silently listening to a noisy man. She can look through the masks, deception. She can cut through the clutter.

Sara went home back that day little more contended. She has paid a price of heavy hard work while the other women of her age were busy with partners, grooming, discussing fashion, fads. Sara’s childhood was unlike other women. She did not play with the dolls , have boyfriends , indulge in petty talks. She remembers a very nasty comment in the first year of his career when one of her intern mentioned that she cannot survive, if she cannot talk in an animated way about anything at a point of time. She had a bitter argument with the intern and parted ways. She was nervous when each time talks boisterously with a fear of left behind.

She had to fight with her fears in the initial years of marriage, when she could not behave like a typical married girl of her age. Her friends knew to flirt and talk with partners in an interesting way. She was always having her work in the mind that messed her initial courtship. But as years grew, her vocation became a bridge between her and her partner. She was less worried and was able to talk about work, politics, society issues in a more confident way. She has grown apart unlike her peers who were jealous of her.

She has grown balanced in all the ways. She interacted with world in a more confident manner .

Even at work she behaved like a man, while her female counterparts followed the courtesies like smiling more than the required, flirt with men to get an upper hand of the dealings, dressing for attention. It irritated her. She remembers her first board room discussion where she was not able to laugh and smile like her female counterparts. She was very awkward and the men thought the she was too serious.

Alex was now a power mongering person and understood the behavior of Sara. He was notorious in his dealings with women. Women often fell into prey to his games. The management retained him as he was able to win the deals.

Sara was now plotting to get ahead of Alex. She was an intellectual person and in her late 40’s she has grown spiritually also. The spirituality gave her a sense of balance and understanding of the world.

Sara had the power to penetrate the masks and can extremely see the person hiding deep beneath.

She was not the person who cut her off from the world. She balanced the spiritual world and the material world gracefully. Unlike the other girls who were after boyfriends, latest fads in the teens, she was always thinking about her growing in the career.

Her attitude distanced the people and she always wished to spend time with people who understood her well. She used to debate with men and women comfortably and neutrally right from the college.

She remembers a phrase from her Uncle who told her better half on the day of marriage “Nobody can win her in a debate, be cautious”. He then pretended to joke.

It was with this memory that she slept. She never thought that she had the gift to win in argument by temporarily bruising relationships. She thought about the people whom she lost as they were too sensitive and weak. She rebelled cautiously and she made sure she never opposes people for offending. She had a fine sense of intuition and she was not sure of the spirit that makes her talk defying the immediate logic.

She was astounded by her sense of intuition and she felt sad for having lost people because of her impulse to challenge opinions.

She then thought that the divine created her “The Alpha way”.

She then slept. It was a pleasant morning and was preparing to face her day in the meeting. She has to face the board meeting and make her presence feel in a very strong way. Her entire career and experience ran in the mind. She was self-assured and dressed herself modestly.

Her female counter parts dressed themselves well and tried to keep their presence silent. Alex started off with showing the diagrammatic pictures of the business deals and kept his sales man pitch. The board members just silently watched. He hoped that no one would intervene. It was then in few moments that Sara intervened at a particular unit of representation. She was not conscious of the members or Alex who tried to dominate. Alex still tried to ignore, but he was surprised that he could not proceed. Sara started off with a voice of steel and could cut the strong conversation. It was as though her voice had the sharpness of a knife. Alex wanted to just stop it midway by stating that the facts were incorrect. But Alex could not stop and he could not find a justification point to prove that Sara was wrong. Sara was able to talk effortlessly with the right facts. She knew the latest happenings along with her past experience. She knew the business deal had the credibility of early adopter in the industry.

She knew the current changes up to date. She can easily converse and can learn new information on the go. She can put the pieces together like a jig saw and layer her fine sense of intuition to make the information more appealing and interesting.

Alex appeared to think about a question that can halt Sara’s conversation. Sara was able to convince a very key person of the deal. She gained the confidence and she had a strong hold on the proceedings. She then remembers her Uncle’s phrase “Nobody can win me over the debate”. She shrugged confidently.

She now knows the key driving factor that can give an unfair advantage. She has an eye for the details. She scrutinized the business deal, supporting documents carefully. She was unable to sleep at night. She was constantly thinking about the new deal. If she can further provide the correct information, she can glide up the career ladder. She had a recent slowdown in spite of her strong intellect due to her health issues. She had to take an extraordinary discipline to return back to normal. It had slowed down her career in last five years.

It was now that she got hold over a deal with a debate over a very strong dominating person like Alex. She did not doubt herself, but she can never underestimate Alex.

He has the unquestioned authority to smother women in a wrong way.

She was engrossed about the deal and suddenly she went into a deep trance. The deep trance state led her to completely forget her fear and limitations. She was induced to a deep sleep.

She felt very refreshed when she woke in the morning. As she sipped her morning tea, she could feel every cell of her body energized. She felt a deep relaxation and she thought it was gift from the other world.

She was able to visualize her success. She had the gift for a deeper analysis. She always looked as if she had the wisdom of the other world. As a kid, she was wise beyond her years. She has always access to hidden knowledge. She reassured that she can win over the deal, in spite of the friction.

She remembered, the days in school when her eyes used to wonder outside class room during the lectures. Her mind will be tuned elsewhere. When her teachers catch her off guard with questions, she can still answer them brilliantly. She used to wonder, of how the answers originated through her in spite of listening the lectures.

She remembered those official meeting with long, boring talks. She remembered of how she felt sleepy or if she was not sure if she felt tranced. She can still provide proper information in spite of her mind getting tuned elsewhere.

She was always unaffected by hostility and friction from the people. She had the “Gift of Mind”. She decided to use her gifts wisely and not use it for trivial pleasures. It was an oath she had taken.

She was getting ready for the main discussion of the deal. Alex was trying to talk in a loud, boisterous way. He had also tried to openly undermine her points, but was pointed by his higher ups that he was trying to manipulate the situation.

Sara was very comfortable, poised and listened through the words. She was approachable and friendly with her peers. As the meeting progressed, Sara’s mind was again tuned elsewhere and she cut through and dived deep into the deal with the most appropriate reference that raise not only her, but the team that was working thru it. This clearly amazed the executives and she has won her own mind and also Alex.

She felt reassured that her gifts were used not just to raise herself, but the entire team. She has used it wisely and she was an eagle among them. She can raise thru her mind and felt reassured. She was now the Alpha women, the reincarnation of her own mind.

She feels like she is born again through her trance states. She dies to the old ideals and raise again with new thoughts and perspectives.

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