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The Sea
The Sea

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It was friday I was returning home from office.around 3.30, 3, 45pm.. as of yet my dreams haven't got their 4 golden wheels; hence these days I travel a lot by BEST BUS.. the route towards home has a sea en route to it. Now that its a regular spot returning home, I never really looked at it with that curious intensity to be studied or to write on it. As always, today also I arrived by the route and suddenly the bus punctured on the spot. All the passengers got down and were waiting along side as the conductor gave us info about a new bus has been on its way we will be boarded into it once it arrives... open highway, shining sun and the SEA.. I looked at the sea. It had that infectious affection in it. I went to a huge tree near the highway closing the road at the end. There was a big squared stone lying along side of the tree. I decided to sit for a while and observe the gorgeous beauty of the sea. It was long stretched, huge, it had that crystalline glitter into it due to the sunlight..

As I kept looking towards it, I was involved in a kind of conversation with it. A conversation which had no words but still was an out an out thoughtful speaking affair. My observation was converting into the admiration. As the conversation progressed minute by minute.. I felt somewhere that the sea knows me. A gentle cool breeze came towards me kissing my face.. it was as if some kind of a friendly gesture by the sea. My thoughts went deep into the sea realizing the depth of the sea which was as usual a MYTH.. the waves of the sea had two phases, one coming forward and the other going back. The waves going backward deep took me back in my life. The longer you see those waves going along with the sea you go back into the past of your life and the forward coming waves bring you back to the present. Thoughts started gathering in my mind there were a lot of questions which were highlighted which were still unanswered to me. I was going down deep into the sea and ultimately reached to the bottom of my heart. It was like an under water dive in the sea reaching towards the search of its depth.

All of a sudden the sea sprinkled few water drops on my face which in a moment brought me out of the sea and I realized for the last 20 mins I was on the highway sitting on a stone but was actually immersed in the conversation with the sea in fact inside the sea. I cleared those water drops from my face and decided to move from the place. I looked at the sea and the sea glittered back with its strong crystalline shine as if it gave me a sign off smile.. I went back on the highway people were still waiting for the bus and withing seconds the bus arrived.. for a moment I thought the drops which the sea sprinkled on my face were to send me back on the highway as if the sea knew about it that the bus will be arriving shortly. The bus started moving and so did the sea.I smiled and the sea glittered back saying see you soon......

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