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Time I Learnt Something New
Time I Learnt Something New

© Sharvaani Gupte

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It was summer time when I had gone to my friend’s villa in Goa. Goa is the right place to go in such a burning sun. My friend was an international swimmer and I being her best friend didn't even know the basics of swimming. I requested her to teach me swimming and she was very pleased to do so. The next day we got up very early, wore our swim suits and walked to the beach. The beach was right opposite to her villa. From 5 in the dawn till noon we were at the beach. I learnt swimming very quickly in just 2 days.

The third day when we went to actually swim I was very excited. My friend quickly dived into the cool water of the restless beach. I was ready to dive till then I suddenly heard a voice of a small girl screaming for help. Then slowly it became louder, louder and more urgent. I ran to the place the voice was coming from and realised the girl was nearly drowning. Till then my friend had gone quite deep into the water.

Without even wasting a second I dived in and saved that drowning girl. Once I brought her out safely I began to scream for my friend. She came out of water and I began telling her the history of my achievement. She was very happy listening to my achievement. It was an unforgettable day. I was urging to learn swimming for about a year and then I suddenly saved the life of a drowning girl. That was the day when I really learnt something new. My parents were very happy to hear about my achievement.

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