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Soul Talks

Soul Talks

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    I am Shabrez.  My story goes on the theme of a soul how she was ; what made her dead; what she is suffering now.

Story 1

April 12th 2019


 That was a hard eve with all my college stuff. Came out of the campus with an oily face. That face defines how hard the work was. As I walked out of my college near to the shop. Lighted up the cigarette and stand before the TV. 

  It was TV9 going on, with warm low sound anchor said 

"Where our youth is going on, this is what the young India needs" .

 I throw my cigarette down under my foot and crushed it out. Glanced towards the news. 

   It's about the rape scene happened in Raichur. The girl of 6th semester belongs to some private university. She is raped, murder, burned and hanged to tree. How can a man go this much rude and sadist. Psychoism needs a limit. All there started scolding him. 

Some one started scolding in hindi

"Behenchod! Aise insaan bhi rehte hai kya?

 I left the place with guilty feel out for the girl. And went to my room, opened the door and just kept my bag aside, fell on bed. As I was so tired I fell asleep so early. It went with a black realm of dream and all was dark there. I was just standing there alone. I cant even hear the sound of pin and all sudden something moved all around me. Like a shadow or something weird.

I was so feared and closed eyes

As i open my eyes, I was in some room. The room was full furnished with all four colours of walls and the wardrobe is full of stickers. With teddies all around and a girl slept with a white fork above her knees. She was so fair and beautiful. Her hairs were straight long upto the her waist. She looks so pretty when she is asleep. I just had one step close to watch her close.

All sudden I heard some sound, I thought some one is coming. I turned towards the door the lock get opened. Everything was so silent, i was waiting for to watch who is coming in. With low sound it gets open bit to bit.

.. This how the door sounds.

All room the only sound I can heard is only door, but no one entered into the room. As the door was just opened like a tilt on some 25°. And there was a lit of brown out and suddenly the light gets off and i saw a shadow at the door watching the girl. I was so afraid and sudden a second light gets ON. 

I was frightened. And started to walk towards her hurriedly some one passed on my back and around. I jumped back towards the door and the door get closed. I tried to open it but its not happen then all room gets black. I think again the light gets out . But I can able to see the shadow sitting beside her. I was scared a lot , It jumped up on the wall and around all the walls with lighting speed. All the sudden she went in her. 

I was like awkward position. I dunno what to do and I am so scared but the light get lit up but only one light in room. That white light focus on her. The slight air moves on her From bottom to up as it gives a glow to her body.  

She suddenly got up, And stand like a devil with a white light spot on her. Hairs on her face goes damn long and she stand some what's bend down. She lifted hands and eyes broadened. She is explaining something by an act 


As she started lifting hands and face with pack of expressions and started dancing. The dance defines something deeper. At first I cant able to understand. But further the deeper it goes deeper in me.


She was walking down the stairs. By taking blessings from grandma and wishing parents "Bye". She dint know that it was her last bye and the bye makes her so far from them.

"Bye mom and Bye dad"

She was so happy thought of a pleasant day ahead. The dog of her pulled her skirt back as It knows some thing bad is going on. She took the dog and kissed her and left it down and lock the door.

The dog was shouting, she ignored it and passed her way. 

She kept humming the song which she is hearing on the phone. As she didn't even notice that some boys are following her. As she pass to the small dump yard, as the nasty smell make her notice some rouges are following her. She increases her speed and one of them ran in front of her and stopped her. He was full of drunk kept hand on her shoulder and started pressing it to tight. She was so hesitated and anger. Probably hit him so hard she can. 

All the four lifted her took to some old storey-ed home near by. Tied her with knots all her arms and legs. 

And one of them lighted up the cigarette and started burning her white skin. She started screaming out very hard she can. They kept the old cloth of grease in her mouth that make her screams out stop. And one of them forced her to drink. And one started pouring cocaine on breast and start inhale it. She was so scared and feared. Try to scream out so hard as she can.

She started jumping her hands up and down. As it was tie to some pillars she cant able to escape. As all was going she felt some warm flesh touches beyond and the safety of her 20 years is ruined out in a minute. She kept all her power up and started groaning and screaming and moving hard. All of her fair face goes on red and kept crying so hard and felt unconscious of pain. As she got up and watch she was tied to ground. She started running out from their. 

She stopped. 

There she felt it was her soul and she is no more. She went back try to hit them hard but not able and sat back their down. Crying and screaming very hard. She started watching her body lifted up and start cutting with knife. And one of psycho paths came out of the drug world and start screaming out and stopping them. They force fully make him take drug and he took the petrol and pour on me. And start burning me. My body was jumping out of heat and i can sense of it.  

All the day of me started glancing around me. My grandma blessings and parents bye and dog pulls my skirt back. I fell on ground started screaming out very hard as I can, trying to kill those bastards out. 

I felt so pity on girls around me. As I am done of this. When I was alive I didn't get raise my voice ahead of this sort criminals. Now I'm a sheep of this. 

All lights got ON. My dream was broken. My eyes were full of tears started. That act was shown by a soul to make a move of world. She didn't even speak a word. 

And that was not her mistake and she didn't even know who they are. The 6th semester student never able to dream that happens to her. All her family get into dark. The nation lost a better one youth of world. She can be a next generation miracle. But she hung to a tree with no reason. 

Please save girl child. She is not a thing of bed or a sleep of night. She is a miracle happen to you in matter of mother and sister and wife.

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