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The Earphones Seller
The Earphones Seller

© Sangita Pramanik

Drama Inspirational

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Once I was coming back from my hometown, West Bengal to Visakhapatnam by train. It was about 7 pm when an earphone seller came across. People around seemed uninterested to buy and could you guess why? This guy's hands ended just 10 cm below his elbow! He does not have palm or fingers or wrist! The earphones were hung on his elbows and as I watched him coming nearer his tone sounded low and the pitch decreasing.

The guy now did not bother to look at the ignoring faces of the crowd and as he was just about to pass by my coach, my mom asked if I wish to buy one pair of earphones as I was watching the man constantly for a while. I almost screamed up to call the guy, "Earphone wale Bhaiya, edhar aana zaraa" (meaning: hey bro, selling earphones, could you please come here).

He turned back and instantly his face lit up and he almost rushed to my seat and asked to select one. I asked about the quality of the earphones and his reply was cool. He said, "I am a businessman. I will always say that my products are best because I will try to make profit. Better try and check them. If you are impressed and happy by my product only then you shall buy."

Even before I touched those earphones, he proved his confidence about the product. He asked me to help myself to choose a pair, which hung on his elbows. I picked one and inserted into my phone and tried and they worked well and fine and then my brother too picked one. He was describing which one would work longer and better and we started to try 3-4 varieties and observed his notations. Finally we bought 2 pairs of earphones at a reasonable cost. His earphones were awesome which I am still using every day.

Well, I was more interested to know his story now because he was a man without hands who asked me to put the money that we pay in his bag that hung by his shoulder. I asked him, "What is your name? Where are you from? How did you lose your hand?" They seem being operated and the stitch marks were still visible.

He told that his name was Rajesh and he was from Odisha. He was a construction worker before. Once while he was working at a height about 5 floors high, he got dis-balanced and fell but he managed to catch the electric wires across the poles that hung below and due to his weight, the wires were torn and he suffered huge electric shock, his hands were completely burnt but somehow he landed alive on earth and then he had to give up on his hands to save his life. It took months to recover and after this battle of life people did not let him work or offer job due to the disability. Then this guy visited few businessmen and started to sell items like this openly in public places and now he could manage his living well.

I felt this man is a terrific personality, who fought with death and is still fighting each day to earn an honest living. He does not consider his disability as a barrier to his progress in life. I felt to salute the man for his courage and determination for not choosing to beg or remain burden to people around but to be independent and earn again. So, I appreciated him and he left my seat. People around started calling him and he sold a good number of earphones in our coach.

Sometimes we must buy not to just fulfill our needs but to encourage a hero like this who refused to sink!!

They teach us the importance of life, they teach us that "Howsoever wrong things may go, you are never defeated until you refuse to stand up again and dare to face life."

"The best way to escape your problems is to face them and keep moving ahead!!"

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