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It was the day, I won't forget for ages but I also don't want to remember it. I wish it would have never come in my life.

I have never seen a person so positive, determined, passionate and hard working as he was. He is my inspiration, he was and always will be the one person like whom I always wanted to become since the day I have known him. He not only taught me to dream big and believe in yourself to achieve that dream like he did but also to get through any hard life situation with courage! He himself been through many hard days like through his mother loss when he was in his 12th but he didn't stop, he somehow with determination and hard work achieved what he wanted to, keeping all negativity aside. Same as that, he wanted me also to achieve way more than him.

Four years and he was still positive until his last breath and fought courageously against the destructive disease of tumour. He never gave up. He suffered through every consequences of that murdering disease and never let anything break his positivity even if he knew he couldn't make it, still he never allow his mind to lose his power of faith. I regret on myself so bad for all those days and hours I wasn't with him. I wish I could get him back and could spend more time with him. He was no one else but my Grandpa my Baba. But the regret was not the only thing he left for me. He and his life taught me many lessons, living on which I know I will be there, where he wanted and still wants to see me. I will too never ever let anything fade away my positivity and my determination and I think everyone too should just keep swimming no matter what life makes you go through. At the end you will surely be rewarded for your faith in yourself. With this I also want to add that with all your hard work and faith, you should also try to spend more and more time with your family so that you won't have to regret like me.

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