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Monumental Contribution Of Mr. Harakhchand Sawla Who Serves The Cancer Patients
Monumental Contribution Of Mr. Harakhchand Sawla Who Serves The Cancer Patients

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Harakhchand was a man in his thirties. Each day as he passed by the street where Tata Cancer Hospital (Mumbai) is located, he read the grim faces of patients as well as their relatives. He could clearly see the agony, pain, and insecurity on their faces. . There were people who came from distant places.  Many patients did not know whom to meet and where to go. There were others who did not even have enough money to go for the treatment or medication. In fact they didn’t even have enough money to eat! He was haunted by these sentiments and thought that he must do something to help them.

One day an idea struck him. He rented out his hotel and raised some funds. This money was used to start a charitable program right opposite Tata Cancer Hospital. There was constant supply of free meals for cancer patients and their family members. The number of beneficiaries started with fifty and eventually rose to three hundred and reached seven hundred. With number of patients increasing, there were also helping hands that joined-in and the entire exercise only flourished with time.

Eventually, Mr. Harakhchand initiated a medicine bank and supplied free medicines. There came three doctors and pharmacists for voluntary service as well. Mr. Harakhchand also raised a toy bank for kids suffering from cancer.  The 'Jeevan Jyot' trust was founded and Mr. Sawla now runs more than 60 such humanitarian projects. Though he has reached an age of 57 years, he still works with the same vigour.

For last 27 years, several hundreds of cancer patients and their relatives have witnessed ‘Goodness’ and 'God', in the form of Harakhchand Sawla.

Our salutes to his boundless energy, concern for people and his monumental contribution!


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