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One, Two, Three, Four

One, Two, Three, Four

1 min

She blinked.

Once, twice, three times, four.

She could blink again,

But what for.

One step,

Two steps,

Three steps,


If only she could have taken,

One step more.

Her hands and feet were bound,

A chain attached to the ground.

She stopped,

And she turned.

She frantically looked around,

To see what she surrounds.

One second,

Two seconds, 

Three seconds,


She heard someone

Open the door.

Five seconds, Six seconds,

Seven seconds more.

Behind her,

She heard someone quietly applaud.

Loud and clear

They said, "Welcome Dear."

The voice she heard,

She certainly knew.

But from where or whom,

She had no clue.

"Recognise my face?"

She turned towards the space.

She had no choice,

Their face and their voice.

Flipped like a switch.

The whole of her stomach,

Now feeling ever so sick.

The man she had fooled,

And then had set away.

Was standing in front of her.

He was her victim,

And now she's his prey.

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