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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj

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I Am What I Am!

I Am What I Am!

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I was a girl child

Raised differently,

Parents told, stop being childish

Be good and work patiently.

Mom taught values,

Dad said, be fearless and brave,

Friends appreciated my attitude,

Worldly comments, "Girls need to behave"

Siblings said," You are a good soul,

Stay that way only, never give up".

Minding my own business and

Proving myself, I was always geared up.

I shifted to another family

My upbringing and their values differed, obviously!

They expected me to change, was that right?

However, I served them passionately.

This long and tiring fight

Between me and the world, will it ever end?

A question arises: why the society, the family,

To change me, is so hell bend.

The world always tried to cut my wings

To take me away from my own self.

Be it my childhood, my teenage,my youth

Was I ever free, be it my entire life!

"You don't need to change, nor you should"

Suddenly someone whispered within me,

Was it my inner voice, or

The one who whispered was He.

Yes, It was He guiding me, to be me

Not to loose on myself

As He said, I was one of those chosen ones

He was feeling proud of,  Himself !

He whispered , It is not fair to wear a mask

for others happiness

It is better to be what we are

Cherishing our uniqueness.

Our mission of being on this earth

Has a purpose, known to Him

All we need is to dive deep in our soul

And let ourselves free to swim.

I appreciate and respect

my uniqueness gifted by Him,

As he said He will never let me down,

Only I need is to be aligned with my shim.

So here I am!

What I am!

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