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A Salute To My Soldier

A Salute To My Soldier

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I salute you day and night,

I live with you it's my whole life.

I respect you for what you are,

I am proud of us because of what you are.

I have spent days in fear when I don't hear,

I know what it is to be far yet near.

You and your co-brothers are our strength

Your fate seems smiling at arm's length

They say you achieve success when tree bears fruits,

I say I achieved success when you move and they salute.

I never knew what is army life as a class prefect

I now know what is woman's respect.

You are so disciplined and confident,

I shy away with my imperfections on the continent.

When you miss birthdays and anniversaries,

I know you have helped someone celebrate their d-day's

Kids long to meet you,

But they know among them you are those few.

You went where others feared to go,

I followed you and saw the glow.

The brave and fearless attitude,

You have earned with dignity and pride.

You take it all for the country,

and that too with a loving smile.

You lost many co-brothers

Have seen the kids grow with mothers,

The pain they go through is infinite

The life they live is not imminent.

I salute your spirit

I respect your Barrett

I admire you in uniform

'Cause that's my life's platform.

I am a proud army wife

A soldier is my Life.

This is a soldier's wife saluting all soldiers on Earth.

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