Shreyas Gholase



Shreyas Gholase


Weeping Simper

Weeping Simper

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I found her on a bleach day,

In the season of may.

She was standing there,

With her own tear;

Throwing pebbles in the river water,

Making ripples shatter.

I neared her,

Like an unknown heir;

Wanting to close her,

And feelings bare.

I tried to open her up,

But she shut me up.

So I kicked pebbles on her,

That irritated her.

She screamed at me

To leave her alone,

But I did glee

To which she groan.

I said #SeedhiBaat;

Don't you cry on me,

Unless and until you're with me.

Just make me a cup of tea,

And share what you worry.

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