The Lover

The Lover

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Is that you? 

What took you so long? 

I was tired of these

One night stand. 

Every time introducing

Yourself to unseen faces

Your likes, dislikes


I was asking for alms

From those

Who were just as poor... 

No, it's never their fault

The world with

Long lasting

Relationships have

Come to a screeching halt.

They need love, 

A temporary shoulder

To cry on... 

And then? 

You know we become

These perfect strangers.

Even in good relationships

There are tonnes of conditions

Holes, scars, and slips. 

But now, no more. 

Let me hold you

In my arms. 

My enamored mind glows

Like the silver Star... 

In that light, my lover

Let's sit and chat.

I had never experienced

This unusual lovemaking before

Going beyond all definitions, 

I have this confidence

Of never ever losing you,

It feels as if I'm the moon

You, my inseparable light. 

In simple words

I'm charmed with your warmth, 

With your inexplicable beauty. 

You're the only one I know

I can trust...

Before your long awaited arrival, 

I confused love with lust. 

With you beside me

I can take the wounded

World on my lap, 

I can caress and heal

The bruises until

It finds you within;

The unconditional lover

Stable, available, serene.

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