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Dr. Prafulla K. Panda

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You pitter-patter outside as drops you sow

Just down my door

Like some spirit you sway the trees as you soar

Although, I listen but can't get up and go

You can sing here or smile in the sky

And can trickle the frogs to croak 

While your thunder can pat them and stoke

Around me where I lie

The children out there

Can frolic in knee-dip water

To float their boats made of paper

Or to catch minnows sieving the flow bare


Your presence can't let off my worry

That you've brought me washing away my years 

Forcing me today to embrace my tears

That gush to clean the moss on my memory

Good friends can only turn bitter enemy

When shrewdly you plundered away my childhood

And fettered my youth in the neighborhood

When I was unaware of your crude cunning

Your sportive and spirited reach

Have silenced the birds in my trees

Their innocent chicks do screech

When their hunger does anger dish

Let me lie here and patiently wait for death

Like those chicks who wait for bits of grain

Or, like an exhausted passenger wait for the last train

That takes him to his destination and brings him rest

Let me strain and wait to admit my new birth

And glow like the moon soon after my first breath.

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