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That Is Not Who You Are...

That Is Not Who You Are...

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I am not like this,

You don't know me.

Neither do I know you.

Nobody knows who you are

Nobody knows how perfect you are.

Nobody ever sees the original you

It's a hard pass we make

And live like we always did.

Why change you?

Why not be who you are?

Sitting quietly in a bus with boredom?

Why not talk?

Talk... with people right beside you

Oh, are they busy using the phone?

lt okay because that is not who you are.

Don't take out your phone from the pocket,

Just to show you have people to talk to.

Do you not remember how you

met your friends you have?

They are to a human from another home.

So are the people you feel are dumb.

Don't judge.

You know nobody.

Liked a person a little too much?

Oh, don't copy.

You're just fine the way you are 

and that is not who you are.

Fakeness doesn't last long you know...

Sad and disappointed with a friend you love?

Go talk and tell you're hurt.

Coz that's what you feel.

Don't forget that misunderstandings are the worst.

Heard of the fact 'We Think All The Time"?

Maybe the person got you all wrong

Go ahead and tell him

That's not who you are.

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