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You Can't Define Love

You Can't Define Love

9 mins

I came to Hyderabad for office work with my colleagues.

Revanth! This is Parnika.

Can I talk for a minute? It is an emergency.

The phone call is from Karthik's wife. She told Karthik's life is in danger. He met with an accident and Can you please come once?

I don't know what to say. It has been almost two years. Half of my brain cells were crushed after listening to the accident.

But? I murmured. 

Parnika is crying on the other side. I beg you Revanth. Please forget everything. Come once. Please, I beg you.

I said I will be there in a few minutes. I can't drive faster as tears were continuously filled in my tears. I booked a cab and told the driver to reach the hospital as early as possible.

Karthik. I used to call this name more than five hundred times a day until two years before. Now I am remembering his name more than a thousand times a day.

AC in the cab is not making me cool. Sweat is coming from my forehead and I can't count how many times I have prayed to God to help Karthik.

As per my knowledge, there is no financial constraint for treatment. Karthik is the winner of the young business leader award last year.

As the driver taking turns fastly to reach the hospital, my mind went back in time.

I met him on the first day of Engineering college. If it is there something like the First impression is the best impression in friendship, it applies to us. He was nice and talkative. I am too reserved and never talk in a group. He understood me and been so nice to me in socializing.

Apart from this, he is too hardworking. We used to share the same room in the hostel. We used to study together, share jokes, sung together, dance together. As the years passed, our bond became much stronger than an ordinary friendship. It was special. He used to express a lot of affection for me and my family.

I am a single child and mostly I like to be alone in my thoughts. I never felt alone after befriending Karthik. I found a brother's love in him. He was there when I got failed in interviews. He spent a lot of time when I was going through my worst breakup scenario. He taught me how to laugh in hard situations. I have expressed my gratitude to him a lot of times but he just says he is so lucky to have an understanding friend like me.

I know his love story. Parnika is our classmate and I am fully helped him during the battle he fought to make his parents agree to this marriage.

While Karthik offered me a job offer to work with his IT firm I did not find any trouble.

One fine day, Parnika met me after office hours and told me an unbelievable thing. She cried in front of me and asked me to never meet Karthik in a lifetime. I was shocked to the core. The reason she revealed was so emotional. She said the astrologer checked Karthik's family horoscope.

As Karthik's mother always treated me also as her child, she has given my Kundali details too. The astrologer told me and Karthik should never meet each other and should be separated for a lifetime. As my astrological influence is making Karthik's life in danger.

I don't know what to do. The only person on earth who understands me without any explanation is him. I can't reveal Kundali to my parents. Not to my fiancee. I promised Lord Shiva that I will never meet him again if she thinks it saves his life.

I blocked his phone number and blocked him all over social media. I know She won't say this to him. But I have to show my gratitude to my brother from another mother. I have taken my parents with me and went to Bangalore. I started working there and avoided mutual friends of mine and Karthik. Last year I got married and did not invite any of my college friends to it.

I know it is not easy to ignore a person with whom I have spent most of the time for some years. But I wish my friend should have a long and healthy life. I started praying to God every day to keep him healthy.

My wife knows this and suggested I leave this astrologer opinion and meet Karthik. I too felt the same whenever I have visited Hyderabad. But immediately Lord Shiva makes me realize my oath of not meeting him. I return with a heavy heart.

The driver told me we have reached the destination. I paid for the ride already online.

It was Monday in the month of Sravana. I found a small temple of Shiva near the hospital. I became lifeless for a minute. 

How can I enter the hospital?

Parnika called me again and I told her I have reached the hospital. I don't know how to convince myself. I went to the Nandi statue. Nandeeswar is said to be the most lovable devotee to Lord Shiva. 

In every Shiva's temple, Nandi's statue faces Shiva and worshippers believe there should not be any separation between Shiva and Nandi.

My Grandma used to say if one say their wish silently in the ears of Nandi Shiva listens to their wishes and grant them.

I folded my hands and kneeled in front of Shiva. I have bent and whispered into Nandi's ear that "If any threat has to happen for Karthik because of me, please divert that effect from him and give it to me. It might be loss or death." 

I am ready to bear. But please allow me to see my friend once. I begged Shiva and went inside the hospital.

I went near ICU and Parnika is full of fear and tension. I requested the doctor to see Karthik once.

Are you Mr Revanth? He questioned. His voice shows restlessness because of his work I guessed. I said yes. Please come with me once. He has given me a gown to wear as per I.C.U. protocol.

I have seen Karthik and his eyes were closed and he is taking a breath with the help of an oxygen cylinder. The doctor told me he is uttering my name whenever they tried to do the operation.

There was internal bleeding in the brain. At anyhow we have to complete the operation as quick as possible. But the Patient is not allowing them to do and he wants to see you before the operation Doctor said in a formal tone.

When the doctor signalled, the nurse slightly removed the oxygen mask and I went near to Karthik's head.

He opened his eyes slightly and the doctor advised me to sit by his side. Revanth you came. Really. You came to ..his voice shivered.

I bent towards his ear and said please, agree to the operation.

Tears started falling from his eyes and he blinked his eyes as acceptance.

I thanked him and the doctor told me to come out so that they can make him ready for operation. But Karthik is not leaving my hand. He said he won't allow for surgery if I take my hand out. The doctor said it was not possible to allow a non-medical person in the operation theatre.

Karthik owns the situation and we immediately shifted him to the operation theatre.

That two hours were the most painful hours I have ever experienced in my life. I constantly chanting Maha Mrityinjay Mantra and asking Lord Shiva for forgiveness. My Grandma told me he is Bholenath. One who is innocent and grants boons to his devotees.

I prayed to him all the time in operation theatre that, God please save my friend. I do not ask you anything. I do fast on Mondays in Sravana.

Doctors completed surgery and said he is out of danger. But it takes more than ten hours for him to get consciousness.

Parnika came and I have taken my hand from Karthik's hand. She has been crying continuously for hours and Karthik's parents were restless all the time. After a nurse saying we should not stay in the special room for much time, we all went to the visiting room.

I said I am going downstairs so I can bring something to eat for them. Parnika followed me silently. After reaching the ground floor she touched my feet and asked my forgiveness. I told her not to be sorry. Everything has happened for a reason. 

She told me the truth that she became jealous of our friendship. So she lied all this kundalini stuff to me. As per her expectation, I could leave Karthik for his sake. Everything was okay for her.

I did not understand her. She said Karthik talks about our friendship all the time and he asks suggestions from me every time.

I have been told it is common in friends.  I questioned her. Don't you think you do ask what to wear for a college party? 

Now, you are married. But can you stop going shopping with your close friends? Don't you like to introduce your friends to your kids in the future? See. Parnika. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship one can gift for themselves. I do not know whether I am selfless or not but if Karthik is getting any harm I would always be ready to fight to stop it. That's why I left his life as per the promise I made. 

Do you know how many sleepless nights I spent thinking about this loss of love? Friendship nurtures love. It guides you in every step of life.

Separation from your loved ones crushes the souls in the long run. It is not comparable. Please understand this. She nodded in acceptance.

I don't know all this would happen. She said she has to tell to Karthik.

I said no. Never say this to him. If he does not forgives you it affects your marital life. She agreed.

We have taken food parcels to Karthik's parents. Karthik's mother kissed my forehead and said: "You are a true friend and came back to save your friend." Karthik's father appreciated me with his eyes.

It has been fifteen hours after the operation. When Karthik opened his eyes, I put my hand in his hand. He has talked with all the family members.

On the day of discharge, he asked me to come to his home. 

I told them I will come with my family soon. He told me to come next week as the Rakhi festival is approaching. 

You know Karthik, I do not celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Parnika came and told this time your sister is inviting. I have taken leave from them after agreeing to visit their home on Rakshabandhan along with my family.

I think you can't define Love and friendship in particular terms and conditions.

When I came from the hospital outside I saw towards the temple of Shiva. I felt he is sitting there and watching me.

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