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Tanisha Sethi



Tanisha Sethi


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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Psychological effect:-

When Naina gets lost in thoughts before boarding the train, Bani asks her 'what happened?' So she says that 'I have never gone anywhere without telling anyone like this.' So Bani assures him that nothing will happen. You come, It will be great fun. Mean is that the environment around us makes us so that we do not want to leave our comfort zone. These things make us weak and timid. Due to this, many of our actions are affected it. Then someone else holds our hand and shows us the right path and he shows the way to not be afraid of fear. Just like a bunny.

When Naina is sitting on the train, her friends talk very strange things. Which she never saw nor felt. She felt there like an alien. She was thinking that 'Is there also such a world?'When I talk about myself, whenever I see such things happening in the outside world then I think 'what is happening all over the world and in which world am I living?' At that time, I imprison myself in the dress of Sharifs and try to show that I am very straightforward and very different from all those people. At that time, I cannot speak in front of everyone and felt very odd. Perhaps all these things are the shackles of the environment around me that prevents me from doing all that.

Naina still could not keep herself away from books. While there no one was telling him to 'read'. Yet she was stuffed with those shackles. These things were putting a psychological effect on him. Naina wants to come first during the trip. While bunny wants to come first but enjoys the things around him. Mean is that we should not concentrate on only one thing. We should also see what is happening around us and Feel it, not just 'as much' as our goal.

When everyone is partying in Manali, Bunny sees that 'Naina is studying!' He says in surprise that ‘Naina seriously! Are you studying? Then bunny identifies to see Naina that she is very eager to attend the party but she is not able to enjoy all things openly because she is like this since childhood. She speaks to bunny that 'you can't understand all this.'And it is also true that bunny cannot understand all these things. But he can understand so much that what quality is there in the person and what is he thinking? He introduces Naina to the hidden child inside her, which is already inside all of us but we have lost him somewhere in the middle of the glare of the world.

And bunny tells Naina to 'stop pitying yourself and learn to love yourself. Eventually, Naina falls in love with Bunny and she changes herself. Now she too starts enjoying her life completely.

Where Naina tells about her country with bunny and every single moment she lives in it. The same bunny narrates each of the memories and its merits to Naina settled in a foreign country. Here the different thinking of these two shows how different they both are. After the death of his father, Bunny recognize that what is the importance of family, friends, and relationship in life? He was regretting that he should have met him once. In life, we should never forget the people associated with our roots because it is the memories that keep us alive. Memories are very unique and precious. Do anything, it will never come back. It is these memories that make us feel like we are. Therefore, wherever we are, we should never forget those people, from whom we exist.

In the last scene, Kabir has strange anxiety in his mind that 'he loves Naina'. But he does not know it himself. He just wants Naina to be with him. Kabir and Naina's thinking is different. Kabir wants to travel in the world, but Naina loves her own country, her home, and her place. She does not want to leave anyone. Eventually, the bunny goes to Naina's house on the night of the new year and proposes to her for the wedding. He wants to travel but on two tickets. The bunny wants to see the corner of the world with Naina and Naina also accepts her proposal.


When bunny's friends know that bunny is going to America, they get very sad to hear this. Avi says 'what would he do there without us?' So Aditi, being a true friend and sincere, says that 'bunny, you must go'.After all, they understand that they cannot be childish like this for their whole life. They have to face the responsibilities of life one day.

When we decide to go outside, a strange uneasiness starts in us. As was happening with the bunny.

Because at that time we get rid of many of our lovely and precious things, which can be called comfort zone in ordinary language.

Naina then reminds bunny about her dreams that he wants to fly, falls but wants to keep going.

When Naina and Bunny are sitting on the mountain, bunny says that 'Come fast Naina, we have to go to many other places.'Then Naina explains to a bunny that "bunny, something will be left in life." Whether it is good or bad. Therefore, at any point of time, we should enjoy it and live it openly. We don't know whether tomorrow will be this moment or not? "

True love:-

➤ Real love gets to learn from Naina in this film. When she learns what bunny's dreams are and how much he loves his dream.

Then Naina does not tell him that 'how much she loves him. Because she knows that what his dreams mean to him? Instead of telling her all this, she motivates him to "Go bunny, live your dreams."

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