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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Wuhan - A Lesson For Lifetime

Wuhan - A Lesson For Lifetime

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Since it started hitting countries outside the origin of its birthplace, I have been constantly thinking, what this creature is who horrified the entire world? So fast, so deadly that it caused the whole world to forget about everything, but runs for their lives. The cities brought to lock down and every movement comes to halt. In totality, the world comes to standstill. I'm consistently churning my mind to think about what has caused this and have never thought to see the time like this in my life ever.

Till the time everything goes happily in our lives, we thank God and when something of this kind starts shaking us we complain to God that why we suffer like this? It's the human nature of not realizing his own actions of destruction and blaming God.

This all started when one-day mother nature called an urgent meeting. Every creature of this planet along with the non-living resources like air, water, rocks, etc, was invited except humans. It was a secret meeting in a place called Wuhan. Beautiful and graceful Mother Nature was sitting on the majestic rock and all other creatures gathered near her feet. She started addressing the August gathering of all the beautiful creations of God and inquire all the creatures to express their views about the present world and the human beings as the topmost intelligent creation of God.

Water raised his hands and started speaking. He said, " oh my mother, I am so fortunate to have myself on this planet and serve the creatures present on it. I am feeling proud when animals and plants drink me and support their lives. I am always overwhelmed with the thought that to create new life I am 70 % required in the womb of expectant plant and animal mother. Everything is so good except that nasty creature called humans. I am very sad and painful as he polluted me badly. I am as an ocean, rivers, ponds, and pools is not capable to support many lives of plants and animals now as I have been poisoned by his industrial activities. I am on the verge of an end and may not be there in the coming years. He caused that much harm to me. Water seemed very weak while saying all this and halted with tears. Seeing his miserable condition, Air came to give support to his helplessness. She said, " oh mother, water is true and honest in his each and every word. I too am facing similar damage to my self-esteem. Same as water, I have been nurturing lives and supporting their existence. All the animals feel embraced and alive inhaling me but the humans are the same problem causing creatures who are frequently poisoning, me with the industrial fumes and smokes. Many creatures are dying due to suffocation and irony is that human himself is suffering from a respiratory ailment, he can medicate himself but poor are the other creatures who are helpless and dying. One by one more and more sounds emerged and all in common complaining about human activities. Listening to all this, a drop of water starts rolling down from her eyes.

Seeing this, a complete silence emerged for a while. After this pause, a forest narrated his story of pain, violence, and destruction. He exclaimed, how humans have demolished the flora and fauna he contains. The story of blood and turmoil shook mother nature with resentment. He told how vulnerable he was when a man was engulfing his sovereignty. To this animals started pouring their outrage. A snake, a bat, a dog, a monkey and many more uttered to mother nature how humans are not only invading forests but they are eating us. They said, " Mother you can find us in their animal market. We had been hunted down and hanged upside down in such markets for sale. Humans are not only eating domestic animals but they are relishing on us too. Where do we go, you say? Aren't we have the right to survive? These humans are not only polluting air, water, and surrounding, but they are destroying all living beings on this planet. They are very selfish and villainous on this entire planet. We are so helpless. Mercy, mercy, mercy mother nature! Save us! save us! save us!

The whole setting filled with despair, tears, and pain. Seeing this, mother nature stood vigorously and tried to console all the beings there. She said " my dear children, I have never thought that the topmost creation of God can commit such heinous crime. I have been thinking that being super intelligent and skilled, they will guard this nature. They will respect all beings and the non-living matter too. They will understand that being at the top means more responsibility, more loyalty for the things around you. I have never expected such arrogance from him. After listening to you all, I have realized that humans are the most foolish and frantic creation of God. Who else would ever harm things which are the support system of their survival? It seems they don't love their lives. Being a mother, all my children are equal to me. I have to control his behavior, after all, I can't let this notorious kid ruin everything.

So she decided to teach some good lessons for this nasty child. She called out other creatures to help her in this mission. She said "as I have heard all the painful stories of yours. I will leave this totally up to you on how to control human behavior. She said who would like to volunteer in this endeavor? Snake said " I will. Bat also came to lend support. Both of them got ready to go on a mission and told mother nature that their strike on the human race will be an unforgettable experience. How they have caged and hung us through the rope, we will also cage them inside their home. Just bless us to accomplish this aim and come back successfully. Mother nature granted permission to them with the tears in her eyes. Tears for humans. Why so? Because she stood helpless and thought that such a great creation of God but how selfish and violent. I always adored humans and felt incredible on their existence, but poor he, who failed to understand this world. Failed to understand that he can't overpower me as I being a mother responsible for all other creatures. Their wellness and prosperity is in my hands. I can't let humans take this right to freedom, joy, and happiness. Though I have tried to hint him many times through tsunami, floods, seasonal changes, climate change to stop and reflect back on the damages he caused to this world but every time he tried to play smart and without realizing his mistake he keeps on causing sufferings to everyone. She wiped her tears and said "I can't let him destroy. He has to pay and understand the pain this planet is experiencing.

At the other end, the snake and bat found something very horrible to take revenge. They created a tiny, invisible virus with the power of mutation and were ready to release in an animal market. The virus which looks immensely ugly appeared in front of them. He bowed and explained the power he holds. He said " though I am very tiny, my power and its effects will be visible to the whole world in just a few months. You may see humans will stay and locked themselves selves down with the fear of my presence. Their marvelous great cities will witness complete silence and fear of having me around. Their so-called industries will shut down and you will see a drop in poison in the water as well as in the air. They will afraid to touch each other and their movements will restrict. How they used to cage you all, they will experience the same boundary around them. Each passing day I will surprise them with my intelligence and leave them in despair. They will try to take some medicines to overcome me but they will get failed. They will not have any option other than isolation and then they will realize how it feels when you are enclosed. The virus continues boasting himself and added that he will be the fastest infecting virus and won't give humans a chance to control him. Subsequently, the snake and bat felt overwhelmed by the virus and asked him to start spreading. They accompanied him to the animal market, which is the best place for the virus to catch his host. He went and sat on the dead bat and started his journey to the human body. He entered a man who bought a dead bat to eat and there he entered inside his body through the respiratory tract and started causing discomfort. The virus inside his lungs started multiplying vigorously and created numerous viruses like him and through sneeze and cough found a way to enter others' bodies. The people in the place started showing disease and the spread goes uncontrolled. From one person to another and so on. Meanwhile, snake and bat came back to mother nature and disclosed about the warrior they have got to fight humans. Mother nature was witnessing the turmoil by this virus and thinking that sometimes it becomes necessary to be more strict and bitter with your own children to make them realize their mistakes. To get them to understand the pains of others, to make them disciplined and humble. She was muttering in her own self all this upheaval for better tomorrow and meanwhile everyone in the gathering was happy to see the creature, confused and troubled who caused great pain to them.

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