Where ever

Where ever

3 mins

I get bored. I decided to see the TV for some time. So I just enter the living room. As I open the door I see Karuna standing in a corner full of interest in the whole room and why not, outside too. Vasu is at the other end with his whole soul held in thrall by photographs of other people's relatives.

"Oh! I didn't expect you here," closing the door behind. "Oh! Didn't you?" her cold tone which implies that she doesn't believe me, caught me behind with her force-opening the door.

"Oh!" Vasu hadn't noticed me and now joins our conversation.

I tell them one or two items of news and give them my views and opinions of the current world order, but this doesn't appear to raise their curiosity. All they remark on any subject is: "oh!" "Is it?" "Yes" and "you don't say so!".

And after ten minutes of such a style of a conversation, I edge up to the door and slip out. The door does not get closed behind me but I am bent upon escaping from them.

Half an hour later I think I'll try with my mobile in my bedroom, conversations, forwards, videos and what not? After all, I have to come out of this killing boredom. 

No sooner I threw myself on my bed with the mobile I see Karuna at one corner of my bed. The only other furniture to hold a human is occupied by Vasu. They do not speak but they give a look that says all that can be said in a civilized community, and I back out promptly and shut the door behind me leaving my mobile with them.

I am afraid to poke my nose into any corner of my house now; so, after walking up and down the stairs for a while, I go and sit in the veranda, the most uninteresting place of my house. Getting bored further after some time I put on my shoes and decide to have a stroll out onto the street. I walk down the path and as I cross the gate I glance out and there are these two young idiots hurled up into one corner as one entity and are evidently under the idea that, for some wicked purpose of my own, I am following them about.

"Why don't you have a special place for yourself for this sort of thing, and not disturb the people?" I mutter. I am perplexed as to where I can get rid of these fellows.

I am not responsible if you read this story with the names of the characters as Corona and Virus instead of Karuna and Vasu (or am I alone in doing this with everything I read?). I am also not responsible for your reading this again with the names changed (as suggested?).

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