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Richa Pathak Pant



Richa Pathak Pant


When....In Love

When....In Love

2 mins 128 2 mins 128

Ramesh climbed up the stairs hurriedly to reach Nishita's flat on the 2nd floor. He didn't want to waste any time waiting for the lift either. He was short of breath on climbing just two floors and started banging on the door instead of pressing the doorbell. Nishita was taking the time in opening the door and waiting like this was hell for Ramesh. He was standing like this for the past thirty seconds only but felt like he had been waiting like this for ages. 

Nishita could hardly speak over the phone when she called Rameah some half an hour back. She spoke of her not being well and then snapped the call. After this, her mobile was continuously switched off. All of this had made him worried like hell without a clue what was wrong.

Nishita took two minutes to open the door. Ramesh almost pushed her to enter into the flat in his hurry and she would have actually fallen down had he not caught her by her arms.

"Are you ok?" He almost screamed. 

"Yes!" Nishita said rather calmly and asked

"And what's wrong with you? Why do you look so anxious." 

"What? You only called me and you sounded so..............."

Said Ramesh as he fell down on the sofa.

He had not spoken to Nishita properly till now when suddenly the doorbell started buzzing. The door was ajar but someone was in a hurry so was pressing the bell continuously. Nishita went to see. It was her neighbor Mehtas. Mr. Mehta was shouting for the bike that Ramesh didn't properly park as he hurried to reach Nishita.

Mr. Mehta - "I can not take out my car, man. You always park your bike carelessly."

Mrs. Mehta was peeping from her flat door. Despite being exhausted Ramesh was in a mood to fight but Nishita asked him not to by her gesture.

Suppressing his anger Ramesh took out the keys of his bike. Nishita also came along locking the flat. 

Ramesh was still confused and perplexed by Nishita's behavior. He asked her why did she call him in such a hurry if there wasn't an emergency. 

Nishita smiled in the response and said - "Because you forgot that it's our first anniversary since we first met. So, I desperately wanted to spend the day with you." 

"And since you forgot, so your punishment is that you have to follow all my orders throughout the day."

On being relaxed that everything was alright with Nishita, Rameah too smiled and answered - "At your service ma'am."

They both left for the place where they first met.

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