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When Dentist Steals Your Heart

When Dentist Steals Your Heart

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Hello guys,

It's me... Nipun, aged 40, a businessman, a handsome husband to beautiful wife and a dashing father to two children.

Today I am talking about my past and gonna tell you how I met my wife.

On 6th Oct 2014, I had a bad toothache. Really bad. And fortunately, my best friend was with me (He couldn't resist laughing). Agh!, What a creep he was!. Anyways, he suggested me to go and see a dentist. Well, I saw nearby as I was in between the market place, found a clinic. Woh! Thank God!. We went there and waited for the turn. But my pain was growing up like hell!. And there my turn came.

I opened the door, there sat a beautiful yet simple and cute girl, actually a dentist. Wait a minute, is she the dentist? ....I asked myself.

It was for the first time that I got attracted to a girl at first sight. I was dumb at that time. Every sense lost. Woh, it was amazing man!

As she worked upon me and I continued to see her, I lost my all senses. Ya, the procedure went good and I don't know when it got finished.

Should I leave, should I say something to her?......I whispered. But I couldn't say a word. It was scary man. And I went home with nothing. No wait, I got Dr. Natasha's love.

And the days passed but I was struck into her. Then I realised I have her number, how foolish I am!. I picked up the phone but wait I am not able to call. Heartbeat is high. Ohfffffffffff!.....what's going on!!

Then I searched her on Instagram, and guess what, I found her. Thanks to technology. On browsing, I found she does some kinda business. Ahhhh, I got an idea. Later on, I contacted her through business opportunity. See how smart I was. And fortunately, she agreed to meet up.

I was so excited about the meeting. It was a date for me, so I did everything to impress her. Wore the best shirt, made my hair supercool, got my Mercedez polished...ya I look awesome now!.

When I reached at the venue, I saw her along with her friend. And that too boy.

On asking, I got to know he wasn't her boyfriend but only a boy friend cum business partner. Hmm, I thought I would spend some time with her alone. Anyways, the meeting went good and I was fascinated by her vision and ideas. I immediately joined and told them to wait for some time as I arrange the money. From the next day onwards, I tried hard, very hard and used to find ways to talk to her. Sometimes I used to give her signals of how much I like her, but she never showed interest. Ahh, very sad na. But I don't understand why she didn't like me.

I was handsome, rich, educated, belonged to a good family etc. etc.

But she never showed interest. And one day I was fed up!..... I asked her about what she loves in a boy. She asked me to shut up!. How rude!!. 

Anyways, I arranged the money from my dad and started working. I used this as a way, so that I could get some more time to spend with her. I loved to be with her. She was so simple and cute. She used to act like a child sometimes and on the other side a mature leader. Always listened to every member and solved out their problems. And her smile was tremendous. 

She was different and thus was not easy to be impressed. I used to apply different ideas and ways to impress her, but never was successful. And I was wondering about how she couldn't notice the reason of mine getting into the business.

Here comes the climax of my life, one fine day, I went to drop her off. And when I reached home, I found a diary of her, lying in my car. I read it all night. All of her thoughts were written into it. How she struggled and how she became a dentist. How she started business and how she got success. It was her kinda personal diary.

Now I got to know how difficult it was to impress her. She had heartbreak in past and now she wasn't allowing anyone to enter. Moreover, she longs for love. Not money or looks. And that too true one. 

That night I decided to quit everything, and, start a new life. From the next day, I started working hard. And started giving more respect and time to her. But ya as a friend till now. In few days she became a good friend to me mine. We used to work together, eat together, spend quality time and used to visit each other's house as well. My parents were quite sure about my choice. And she was Impressed by my hardwork and dedication. Soon I achieved a lot and helped her too in achieving. I earned a lot and was now an independent income earner.

Two years passed, and, I was in deep love with her. I never thought of my life without her.

And then I bought her fav car...Audi A4 in red hot, and decided to propose her with it. But initially, it was mandatory to talk to her family. I talked to them, told them everything and got them convinced. Guess what it took me two months only to convince them and prove to them that I would be the best son in law. And there she wasn't aware about it. 

Soon her bday came, and I decided to propose her in the most romantic way. I arranged everything. I took her to the spot, to a place where we can spend quality time. Gave her a bouquet of roses. Then we had dinner. She was so much happy that day and I too!

We were about to leave and when she turns around to me.....there I knelt down, but not with the ring, with the car key!!

As I said "Will you marry me?"........and waited for her response.....

She said nothing and sat on the chair and started crying. She burst into tears.

I wasn't aware whether it was happiness or sadness!

I went close to her and asked her, she hugged me tightly and cried.

In sobbing voice, she told about her past and how she was heartbroken. For the first time, I saw her eyes full of tears!

And then....

I just asked her whether she likes me or not and does she think of spending life with me?

She asked for some time to take the decision......and I agreed.

I wiped her tears and asked her to never ever cry.. because she does look beautiful with a smile.

That night was very special to me....the girl I loved was with me. The best part I loved about her was her honesty. She told me everything!. And that's why I love her man!!!!!

Exactly after one month, a call came from her. In between, we never met or talked.

I picked up the phone and she said only one word...“Yes".

And that day I was literally dancing and crying at the same time. How weirdo I was.

Actually I was happy....I found my love and I was going to stay with her for whole life!

And everything was beautiful after that....we had our dream wedding, bought our dream house and worked hard together. We vacationed together and lived the best life.

I am a boy, who was nothing 5 years ago. I never thought of working hard to earn money. But now I m a businessman and lives a wonderful life. It's all because of her. She influenced me a lot, motivated, showed me the right path and always stood by my side. She held my hand in every situation.

Yes whatever I am today, I am because of her!!

Love is not measured by money or appearance, it's very deep. It's the souls that love and are made for each other. And ya it never happens in one sight, it happens in days, months or years, by the method of knowing and spending time together.

So here was my love story.... hopefully you too got. If not, soon you will!

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