When A Blind Eye Paves His Way...

When A Blind Eye Paves His Way...

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1478, Runakta.

A well-rugged house.

Night. Moon is curbed by the clouds.

The house is in a deplorable state. It consists of some swastika patterns in red and background in muddy brown. The house is fenced by bamboo sticks and it is surrounded by grassy fields. The picture is just observable. It is a nightly shade with a splendid beauty as if the nexus of sky has occupied its beauty and it is exposed due to the presence of the aura of starlit beauty. A 6-yr old boy, wearing a dhoti with some white cloth on his right shoulder, with a stick as a handler, is walking rash. He is born blind and having his walk with haste as if he is trespassing with disdain. He is not considering his unkempt condition, but he is surely unhappy.

He rushes slowly as he is blind. However, as he moves on, he tries his best to move out of the village. He is relieved now, but is caught by a traveler on road to the village. 

He pities on the situation of his and lets him sit down on the ground.

Traveler: O dear boy, where have you come from?

The boy: I… was…just for where are you reaching.

Traveler: Oh, so is this true? Oh Rama, what are you doing? What is the need to leave your house? 

The boy cries heartily and murmurs something.

The boy: Oh, what more could I do? The one, who only knows of all my ills, is my life, my god.

Traveler; Come child. Let us get to home. Your parents must have been waiting for you.

The boy: No, they are not waiting for this blind and faithless creature, who exercises at this best in devotion to his favorite deity! I know that. I remember those days….

Traveler: No, child, it is very dark and beasts can even kill you.

The boy: I never think for it. If I have to die, then I will.

He, with the fear that he could be stopped, rushes towards the jungle unhesitatingly and leaves his stick. As he rushes, a jungle approaches. He is hit by a standing tree nearby and falls with some feeling of sudden cracks in his emotions and mind. He is overwhelmed. He is feeling as if he is dilapidated.

The boy: Hey Krishna, who am I? Am I a wanderer or something else?

There, a breeze in the moonlight enchants him and he feels good. The chivalry of those winds and the nightly cherish his distressed mind with some good thoughts.

The boy: Hey, even if I cannot see you, I feel your presence. You are everywhere. The immense coldness, the intense scorch and that umbrella of some windy chariots of Pavan take me away from the dread effect of this universe of neglect. I loved you, your stories, and your feather of rainbows of this natural assortment of thoughts! Hence, if you are mine, then I am also yours. 

He thus excites and manages to stand up within seconds or a minute. As he balances his body, he touches the trees and follows them. He continues to do it and forgets the fatigue and sleep, to which he is acquainted. The time is progressing. The blind boy is continuously walking, with extreme fatigue, dirty legs; a right leg crept by some snake living in the woods. He is strolling like an abstractly thinking philosopher, whose conscience has slowed down and is dead-slept. He murmurs ‘Govind’ many times and overlooks the spikes on the trees that are yet unknown to him. As the little jostle of photons form a lovely smile in the backdrop of dawn, the boy is increasing his rate of murmuring. 

The sun rises. The boy reaches near a jungle away from Mathura. In the vicinity of the light of Sun, the boy finds a stick nearby and takes its help to walk further. 

He somewhere falls in the way.

The boy: Ah, save me!

He then realizes.

The boy: Oh no, it is nothing so touchy. It is the call of god. The gift of divinity is approaching.

The sun stays perpendicular to the boy. The boy is nearing to Mathura. He then reaches the place, where the people of Gokul, near a well, are preaching in a temple. However, he falls again. One of the commoners observes him and one of them runs towards his position. She is, imaginatively, a charismatic lady. She is not an ordinary lady. She seems to be a translucent embodiment of light perception, who is a divine figure. She is, with consideration, a beauty, who loved a deity garlanded by his diverse feathers. She is not real, but just a dreamt expectation of the boy.

Radha: O child, you are so torn and trembled. May I help you? Are you fine?

The body: Who are you?

Radha: I have come to save you. Come and take some rest. It seems like you have been long away to a dreary place!

The boy admires her words, but he suddenly realizes that the person was a 63-yr old lady holding his two arms. He is feeling that he will succumb, but he does not.

The old lady: Come, child. 

The lady is accompanied by the other villagers.

The boy is hung by one of them and he is made to lay the bodily victim on the bare and clean bed of a villager.

The person feels good.

The boy: Ah-that is good.

A chain of reveries occurring within his conscience compels him not to sink anymore in the ocean of fascinations. He sleeps. The day fades slowly into the scarlet backdrop of a sinking sun. 

In the village, the commoners are fetching up their cattle. Some of them are commenting on the rule of a Sultan of that time, who is ruling over them.

Villager 1: How cruel is the Sultan! He crushed our temples, and this is only one left for our prayers and deeds.

Villager 2: What is he to do? He is to clutch all this as he wishes to do it. It is his crude nationality! That is why he is ‘Butt Shikhan’!

The chaotic conversation continues and has damped slowly by the acceptance of restriction levied on them by the dominator. The very night returns.

In the beginning of night, the blind boy wakes up. The old lady was sitting beside him and taking immense care of him.

The old lady: How are you, child? Have you got rest?

The boy: What is your name?

The old lady: What do I do? My name is Radhika. However, why are you asking my name? What is the problem, child?

The boy: Dear mother, I know that I cannot see. However, when you firstly touched me, I was feeling as if Radha, the lover of Krishna is holding me up and taking to him. When I slept for hours and woke up just now, then I realized. 

He holds the lady’s hands.

The boy: Dear mother, will you make me reach the destination, where divinity breathes?

The old lady: I cannot say anything child. I am just a boost to your heart. The one, who has to do in the end, is only you. Do whatever you want to get that divinity. I believe in you. This is the best way to move forward in life

The boy: Okay mother, I will follow what you said.

The boy sleeps. He observes very good dreams, with an ending scene, where he parts with someone. He realizes that she is Radha.

He wakes up at dawn. He observes a lonely presence with the foggy blend in the sky. He realizes that she is gone. It was a lost dream for him. However, he is sad. The beginning indicated a tragic parting.

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