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Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories


Udhbhavi Arora

Children Stories

Was All this a Dream?

Was All this a Dream?

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 One sunny Sunday morning I woke up lazily, my mom forced me to go for a jog. As soon as I began my jog heard a voice, it was as if someone was quarrelling. I ignored it and continued, but the voice was so distracting that I just couldn't. I HAD to look behind the bush; the urge was too strong. Guess what I saw, I mean guess who I saw? There were 2 elves. One was male the other was female. They greeted me; I was surprised to see that elves had way better manners than humans. I asked them what the matter was about? the female elf decided to tell it all as she thought I could have provided a solution she said "Hi umm" as she didn't know my name yet.

"Udhbhavi," I said, "And you?"

"Britni and he's Alvin, a problem is a thin man, we don't know his name, he wants to cut our tree I think he should get punishment, but Alvin disagrees. The man had blue eyes, a dark skin tone; he was thin and had blonde hair."

I was shocked when I heard the description; it was the description of my best friend Judy's father. I nodded to then elves to say I'll see to it. Daddy was at home, as usual, my dad knew Judy's father very well. I told my dad what happened in the park.

"Haha! one more of your funny stories, I hope you don't think I'm going to belive you." said dad.

I knew there was no fighting with dad. I went back to apologise the elves and tell them that I couldn't do anything about it. But on the way, an idea flashed across my mind. I asked the elves if they knew anything what day would the tree be cut.

"We heard the men talking they said it would be cut tomorrow at 1:00," replied Alvin

I ran back home. "Dad", I said, "Come with me to the park tomorrow at 1."

"Okay, I'll be there. Anything Special? " he replied.

"You'll get to know just be there."

Tomorrow at 1-

My dad and I saw Mr Rober (Judy's father) getting the people ready. I pointed at him and then towards the tree. My dad understood what I meant. 

He went to Mr Rober and asked: "Hello, Dear friend, What are you up to?"

Mr Rober said, "Nothing just getting this tree down."

"What! An educated man like you who is a doctor! I never thought you would do something like this" saying this my dad walked away.

Mr Rober realised his mistake and signalled all the workers to stop.

Later that day I went to the elves, and they thanked me and gave me some roses. Suddenly, I felt my head heavy, and I fainted. 

When I woke up, I was in bed. I went to dad and said " See! I told you it was good of you to come to the park."

"Woah! Woah! What are you talking about? What did you tell me? When did we go to the park? One more of your crazy dreams, I guess" replied my dad. 

I realised all of it was a dream. I walked back to my room but saw the flowers given by the elves!!!!

I still don't understand was all a dream? or reality? 

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