Vivan’s Rosy Aunty

Vivan’s Rosy Aunty

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The phone rang. Vivan was having his breakfast. He watched Rosy aunty taking the call and then talking over the phone for a long time. He couldn’t understand who could have made the call this early morning. Maybe his daddy has, he thought. His father has gone out of the city for official work. He is going to return today.

After she put down the phone at last Vivan said “Aunty I have finished my breakfast” She smiled and replied “Good boy. Wear your shoes quickly. The school bus is about to come” “Yes aunty!” he replied and went to wear his shoes. They both left their home and walked towards the bus stand. The moment they arrived at the stand, the bus too arrived. Vivan boarded with the other students waiting. The bus moved away and he watched aunty walking back towards their house at a medium pace.  

In the afternoon when the bus returned from school and Vivan descended from the bus; he always found aunty waiting for him to take him back home. This has been a routine for the past ten years and now when he is a student of class ten the routine continues to be the same.

But today when he returned from school he felt something was different. Dad had returned from work but still, the atmosphere was very quiet. Vivan didn’t care about it at first and went to do his routine work. But when he came to the dining to have his lunch he was surprised to find his dad still at the dining table. His aunty was ready with the food to serve him. Vivan thought his father was accustomed to take rest at this time, then why is he here now.

His dad said “Sit son I’ve something to tell you” Vivan was a bit tensed. He couldn’t understand what his dad is going to say. His dad, at last, said casually “Your Rosy aunty has to say something to you, beta. Don’t get excited and listen calmly” Then he turned towards Rosy aunty and said “Rosy you may speak now”

Vivan became sad from last evening. His Rosy aunty was going to leave their home forever and move on to her son’s home far away in Mizoram. She had packed up all her belongings and was waiting for the car to come. He was sitting in the balcony attached to her room and was watching her every movement but didn’t once go to her when she beckoned him to show his anger. At last, she slowly walked to him and sat down beside him. She put her hand over his shoulder but he didn’t look at her. At last, he heard her sad voice “So you have promised not to speak to me again, right my child?”

Vivan now looked up and looked straight at her. She saw his eyes brimming with tears and said: “Why are you crying, my dear?”

“Don’t you know the reason?”

“I know you don’t wish me to leave your home but now you are big enough to understand my problem. Don’t you?”

“But still I’m not aware of your problem. Is it because my father scolded you last week and asked you to leave our home at once?”

Rosy aunty shivered for a second but didn’t say a word on that rather said: “Do you remember the time when I first came to your home?”

Yes, Vivan thoroughly remembered the day when Rosy aunty first came to their home. Vivan, his mother Sheila and his father Gaurav lived in a sweet home in Goa where Gaurav worked in a renowned resort as a manager. All was going very well but then everything collapsed when his mother went to the hospital for the second time to give birth to his sister. There was a serious medical complication due to which the baby did not survive and his mother too didn’t get well to return to her normal life again.

His mom’s health was deteriorating day by day. She was unable to do any work and at last, his father appointed Rosy to take care of him his mom and also of the household. There were many servants in the home but there was no one to make them work in a systematic way. Rosy aunty took up her duty very seriously and soon everything became organized as before. She took special care of his ill mother. 

Vivan at first couldn’t accept Rosy aunty in his home. Aunty could understand his problem to adjust to a stranger. She gave him time to adjust with her but never forced him to do anything. At last, he could bend with her. She was very dutiful and never missed any work but at the same time, she spent a long time with him like his mother so that he never felt alone. She tutored him his subjects and helped him in doing his homework. She even used to tell him bedtime stories when he asked her to tell one.

His mother died three years after Rosy aunty joined her duty in their home. From then onwards aunty is acting both as his second mother and a dutiful caretaker of this house though Vivan never can think of her as a servant only. In the absence of his mom, he used to share everything with his aunty. Now his beloved aunt too is leaving. The reason behind this is known to him. In the last few months, his father’s colleague Ms. Leena is coming to their home and spending time with them.

She behaves very politely with each and everyone before Gaurav but changes when he was not around. Rosy aunty didn’t like the way she behaved with everyone, even with Vivan in absence of the master of the house. She could understand that Leena won’t be a good mother to Vivan. So she tried to tell Gaurav that he should think twice before advancing further with the relation. At these words, Gaurav went furious and said Rosy that she should be within her limits and must not poke her nose in the private matters of this home. After that incident, she must have decided to leave this job.

  Vivan said “First let me know the reason of your leaving, then I’ll let you go and secondly, you have to promise that you will surely come to visit me again when I wish to see you”

 Aunty said “My grandson lives in Mizoram and had never seen me after his birth. Now he is of five years and often requests me to go to their home and stay with them. I’m too getting old. If I don’t go now maybe I will go never again. So I wish to visit my family once before I die. And I don’t feel I would be able to return from there. My fragile body won’t be able to adjust with such long journeys….. But you are always welcome to our home. Anytime you can come and stay with us”

Vivan said “I’ll surely go to your home, just wait for me”

“Oh sure dear, I’ll” The car honked and aunty kissed on his forehead for the last time before leaving. Vivan watched his aunty go away. He made a promise he will surely finish his education and bag a big job. He will surely go to Mizoram one day to see his second mother, his Rosy aunty. 

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