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Vibgyor- Colours Of Life

Vibgyor- Colours Of Life

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The day was Holi. Families in the colony gathered around. Foreign liquor flowed like water and festivities stepped up. Colour was being sprayed on one another. Outside the opulent bungalow, a group of destitute waited for some crumbs. Life has various shades. Vibgyor to be precise.

The rich were radiant and there was utter darkness for the poor hoping for a meal. They are the meek in a state of utter helplessness.

It was a riot of colour as Rajiv and Sangita made a dramatic entry. They were an upmarket couple and well-known celebrities.

" Rang Barse of Silsila was being played and the former college mates and their new acquaintances were dancing and crooning unabashedly," Colour was being applied liberally.

The pack became rambunctious with revelry reaching a summit.

Host, Sunil a dear friend of Rajiv and Sangita with the consent of Rajiv spiked the drinks of those not drinking.

The situation became ugly as the majority of those present became inebriated. Drivers of these silk stocking individuals were quite amused and passing lurid remarks about the couples.

" Rajiv I am feeling sick and nauseous, " said Sangita to Rajiv. Fortuitously, Dr Tanveer, a friend was present amongst the revellers.

He made attempts to resuscitate Sangita who had swooned by then. Sangita was rushed to a nearby hospital. She complained of breathlessness and was running a high fever.

A forlorn Rajiv looked as his prepossessing wife who was wheeled into the ICCU.

Specialists conducted a battery of tests. For several days, Sangita's life was swinging like a pendulum.

Rajiv was berated by his parents and inlaws for the errant behaviour. Sunil too was not spared for his recklessness. All God's and celestial beings were beseeched for divine intervention.

Sangita did not recover and succumbed after tenuously holding on to her life. She tested positive for COVID -19. The woman an MBA from an estimable management college had returned back from China just a day prior to Holi. She worked for a multinational which was based in Wuhan and spent close to 15 days at their factory site.

After the cremation, the deceased family members, and all those who attended the Holi celebrations were quarantined. Her ashes lay at Lodi crematorium for days together.

Yes, life has several colours. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

And Sangita and her family enjoyed the best of colours. But the dark colours of grey and black engulfed her life as it perennially does of the destitute who gathered outside the house of Sunil for a meal.

Today Rajiv is out of quarantine and a broken person. But every day masking his emotions and face feeds the poor and migrant labour.

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