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Vaman Acharya

Drama Romance

Valentine To Quarantine

Valentine To Quarantine

3 mins

 It was midnight during the outbreak of covid 19. The night curfew was clamped in Bengaluru city.  Arati, a young  doctor, just reached home from the hospital attending to covid patients from early morning to late night. She didn't feel tired and started browsing matrimonial sites.  Arati was closely watching the photograph and profile of Dr. Nitish. She was very much interested to chat with him as the guy also  completed MBBS three years back and belongs to her native place Raghavpur.  

It was surprising for her that although both were studying in the same medical college at Bengaluru, they hardly met.  She continued to chat with him for about fifteen minutes. Their chat was free and frank. At one point of time both were disagreeing on fighting the  covid cases on war footing. Dr. Nitish said it was an uphill task and not easy to challenge. She told him to accept the challenge and get involved in the noble task. He appreciated her positive thinking and promised hard work to fight with the dreaded disease. 

These guys were attracted to each other on social media after closely watching  photographs and profiles and expressed happiness. They fell in love after just a few minutes of chat. She was  working in the Dhanvantari Hospital, Bengaluru and he was working in Ashwini hospital,  Bengaluru. Love birds decided to meet on a valentine day after a fortnight in a star hotel, Bengaluru. 

Their  first meeting was full of fun and enjoyment. They agreed to tie the knot with or without the consent of elders on one auspicious day.  It was not easy to get approval from their parents although both were childhood friends. 

Lovers continued to meet in different locations in Bengaluru and discuss the future plan. 

One day, Arati and Nitish expressed their wish before their parents. Arati's parents patiently listened to their daughter and told her that they need some time to think over the important issue.  But Nitish's parents asked a few questions to their  son and he gave a suitable reply. 

  Suddenly,  Arati and Nitish were prevented from meeting. The young doctors were unable to know whose brain was working behind this?  

Obviously, this was the plan of their parents. During  this period,  both the parents watched the movements of their children. After a fortnight, Nitish's parents met Arati and revealed the purpose of preventing them from meeting. Arati's parents met Nitish and cleared the misunderstandings. 

Three months passed.

Ultimately, the elders decided to approve the wishes of their children and gave green signal. On one auspicious day, the marriage was over in a simple ceremony. 

After  the marriage, the newly married couple celebrated their honeymoon in  California, USA and  stayed there for a week  and returned back to Bengaluru.  

Soon after their arrival at Bengaluru airport,  covid doctors examined them as the CoronaVirus prevailed.   Unfortunately,  both diagnosed positive and took them to quarantine in an isolation ward. These young doctors had treated a good number of coronavirus patients and now they became the patients  of the dreaded disease. 

Both the doctors faced the situation boldly and came out after fourteen days. The  couples were fully recovered and discharged from the hospital. Nitish & Arati expressed thanks to doctors, nurses, health workers and other staff members. 

When they came out, Arati said,

"Our journey from valentine to quarantine is unique and successful."

"It was a wonderful and unforgettable journey in our life," said Nitish.

Outside the hospital,  parents of Arati and Nitish were waiting with garlands wearing masks. The doctor couple instead of going home, went straight to the hospital to attend to the covid patients. 

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