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Chandra Prabha

Drama Fantasy


Chandra Prabha

Drama Fantasy

Unusual Love

Unusual Love

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One of my cousins  Ambuja was very intelligent. She was bright in studies , very graceful, simple looking and high thinking girl. Her eyes used to shine with wisdom. I was a great admirer of her and used to feel inferiority complex before her.

   I used to think of her as very lucky and imagined that she will get every success in life.

  She was very good in studies. She graduated and then did her Masters in political science with distinction and got lecturership in the university. We were very happy and felt proud of her.

   Later we heard  that she was not interested in marriage and will lead her life as it is. Her younger sister got married. We felt sorry for Ambuja. How she will face this cruel world alone. But she was brave and ready to face any awkward or odd situation.

  Time was passing on its own pace. For some years we did not hear anything about her. She  was busy in her studies and added her qualifications. She did her Ph. D and D. Lit and became Professor in University. We had every respect for her. She was very sober and did not share her feelings with anyone. She used to appear enigmatic.

   Then one day we heard that she got married .We were surprised. How at this late stage she suddenly got interested in marriage? That also without any pomp and show and so silently she accepted the marital knot?

    We were so inquisitive. She was my ideal. How she agreed to marriage? Then one day curtain of secrecy was removed.

  When she was doing her graduation she was in love with a boy and wanted to marry him. Boy was also in love with her. The boy wanted to go in Army. He decided first they should complete their studies and pursue their career then they will marry.  

   After completing his studies the boy joined the army , became Captain. Nobody can say about the coming events. War broke out. That boy also took part in it ,showed bravery. But as misfortune had come, the boy got one bullet in the leg and got serious injury. No treatment could save the leg. Finally it was amputated.

  The boy did not inform any body about this mishap. He concealed from Ambuja also. Ambuja was totally ignorant. She was waiting for the boy. But there was no end to her waiting.

    Ambuja waited for the boy and decided not to marry any other person.

      One day Ambuja learnt about the boy and she met him. He had retired from the Army and was on meagre pension. He refused to marry and informed that his one leg is amputated and he can not walk his own so he will be of no help to her.

   But Ambuja told him that she has been waiting for him for long , it makes no difference for her if his one leg is amputated. She also said that he should have informed her.

  It was unusual love of Ambuja for the boy. She married the boy and made every effort to keep him  happy. Ambuja did not care about what the people would say. We were all astonished and filled with respect for Ambuja.

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