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Riva kapoor



Riva kapoor


Untold Meeting

Untold Meeting

2 mins 311 2 mins 311

Being at an age where every girl has to get married is crossed so as expected parents of Riya started looking for groom search, so as obvious got registered in the online matrimonial section.

Riya initially was against it but with no choice, she accepted to meet few, "Oh god none of them have a perfect profile which matches my expectation"Riya after watching every profile uttered these words to herself. Suddenly her Mom called at the office

Riya: Haan Maa bolo

MOM: We have sent one boy profile please have a look at it

Riya to her not so much with expectation had to see the profile and quite liked it, so she decided to have word with him.

After a few chats and conversations they both decided to meet but ....yes but they both because of their work could not meet and slowly gradually Vikram stop chatting and calling her.

Riya was quite clueless but she accepted he might get someone else and she tried to keep herself occupied though Vikram always in her mind and she even stopped looking to her parent's proposals. Why she was doing it she was herself not aware of it.

With no expectation she kept herself busy in her work and then she had to take part in one summit as she was representing her company she was known person of industry but suddenly she saw someone ....just a glimpse ..she thought its all in her mind but suddenly her friend introduced him to a person called Vikram.......

She got introduced but because they have never met and only chatted and had word 3-4 times she actually took a glass of wine and moved on...

To a surprise Vikram asked he "We have met before" she smiled and said "I know we didn't"

Vikram: Yes I know you are Riya Kapoor

Riya: ohhh you still remember

Riya moved again ... vikram called by his senior so he also could talk to Riya was moving out vikram called her

Vikram: Hey, hi again

Riya: she smiled

Vikram: do you mind cup of coffee

Riya: Ok

Riya told her colleagues she will come on her own and they left

Vikram and Riya both sitting in same coffee corner... and were not saying anything...(Though Riya had 100s of question in mind to ask from him but she remain silent)

Riya: so you found your Girl

Vikram: smiled ..what do u think

Riya: how do I know

Vikram: I am concentrating on my work

Riya: she had coffee and was about to leave

Vikram asked her can I call you again......Riya didn't say anything she smiled and moved on...

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