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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Shaili Dave



Shaili Dave


Unknown Bond

Unknown Bond

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The folklore was in jubilation today, people were busy in last minute preparation. Before arrival of bride groom, children were busy playing, waiting for meal to start as such occasions were one of few days when they have the leisure to savour delicious food.

Bride was clad in red saari, beautiful golden jewelry and heena on her hand mingling with her fragrance. This things were like an illusion to the little girl decorated like doll, merely fifteen she was about to marry a men ten years older than her.

Unknown to real meaning of marriage she was married, it was like festival for this small folklore it was their auspicious culture to get their daughters marry at early age.

Soon the ceremony started, bridegroom's family arrived, couple was brought to mandap, wedding oaths were taken, a knot of bond was tied and finally the wedding was over.

Naina didn't know to whom she was married. She was tied in a bond to a person to whom she has never seen, never known and merely about the age of his father. She sat smiling with the glow of new bride as she was instructed to do so.

Bidai was not supposed to happen as she was yet tiny to be a mother yet she was wife. It was decided at the age of her maturity she will go to her in law's place till that she's going to leave with her parents.

Four years passed, Naina grew up becoming a beautiful maiden. Every men in her folk had eyes on her yet she was married to a man ten years older than her. Her family considered it fortune that she is the daughter in law in healers family, who are considered at one of top hierarchy in society as well as wealth.

Respect and fortune was something which every family wants for their daughters. Time came for her Bidai finally. One fine day was decided when her in law's will arrive to take her to her new home.

Once again she was dressed in her best attire, light pink choli, earrings with intricate design, Bangles and payal jingling with her every step.

Her long Auburn hair tied in plait.

Naina who has never visited any place outside the vicinity of their folk, would now leave this place forever to leave with a husband whom she had never seen even after four years of marriage.

Their carriage moved on through forest, crispy sound of trampling of foliage as cart moved. They both sat in silence except the noise of footsteps of hooves and crackling sound of leaves.

Time passed, sky has changed it's color with reddish glow slowly fading.

Lamps were lit, It was almost midnight when they reached there. It seemed like fortress in dark with glowing lamps silhouetting its huge fascade. It was the colony of healers.

She never knew it would be this vast, she was welcomed by family members waiting for ceremony of her home welcoming. She stepped in home with scarlet foot prints. This is considered auspicious.

Morning seemed to be ebullient, lightening the world, revealing its various colors, cool lulls condensed and rarefacted music of chirping birds. Naina saw that every house was alike in structure as well color. Each home was light blue colored.

Two rooms upstairs and one downstairs and a round balcony. Giving view of shrubbery outstretching somewhere upto infinity. Their home was last in the lane which give them benefit of open air.

Nervousness gripped her, this was the first time she is going to meet her new family members personally. Her husband has five brothers, each one has it's own separate cottage. Six cottage in lane for six brothers.

Their family was one of the oldest family in community, so they have some privileges here. Naina meet her sister in laws, their children her mother in law had died years ago.

Father in law was there to whom she has only met. Her family members were more lively and interactive than she had thought. For the first time it felt like home since yesterday night.

Naina was the topic of discussion at meal today. A new member in community and unexceptionally beautiful. People bewildered how a parents could Mary their such a beautiful daughter to a man ten years older than her. No one could dare to question the authenticity of one of the most powerful member in community.

First few days were spent visiting the fortress of healers. It was larger beyond her thought. She was mesmerized by the maze of streets outstretching this vast grounds hidden behind forest.

Relatives came to congratulate the couple. A week passed in this tussle. Time flew within blink of eye for Naina in this still world.

It was fine Saturday night, white moon glimmering between sparkling stars. Naina stood in balcony gaping the creation of nature. Her husband came from behind and gifted her white choli. He urged her to wear it.

Naina looked gorgeous in white bustier with intricate embroidery and choli with round flair, her hairs open effulvinating with her complexion under moonlight. She seemed like an angel descended from heaven with utmost perfection could tighten anyone's groin.

Morning was elating with cold luls and slow rain. They both sat there viewing the nature with their own perspective. Suraj asked Naina about her education, a question which she never expected. She told him that she went to school till 10th class than we got married and my studies were stopped.

No married women would waste her time in studies, she is supposed to learn domestic chores, cooking and other household stuff. This the way people in my folk thinks, replied Naina.

Hmm...Suraj mused.

Would you like to study again? he asked.

Naina wasn't sure what to reply, she didn't liked studying much.

Still she replied yes it is better to gain some knowledge rather than sitting idly.

Suraj told her that he will teach her.

They will start from basics of Sanskrit. It's because here we study in Sanskrit so to study any subject you must know Sanskrit perfectly.

Naina's tutorial started, every evening two hours she spent studying.

Weeks passed, gradually she was getting better with Sanskrit.

It was Sunday morning. Naina was writing an essay in Sanskrit. Suddenly she felt like spilling the content of her stomach, it's been two three days she feels ill. After checking her it came to know she is pregnant.

Suraj felt more happiness than ever in his life. Everyone in family was elated to welcome new member. Naina was given extra care, her diet was strictly planned by Suraj. Her study duration has been terse now.

With passing months she felt dizzy more often, with her belly bulging out, but this has it's own joviality in it to feel the life inside you. How a baby develops from a single cell.

Among each and every relations the bond of mother and child is the strongest.

One month passed since Naina gave birth to a boy. Her studies started once again gradually she was progressing.

Eight years passed now Naina is practicing along with her studies. She also gave birth to two more children one boy and a girl. Studying along with taking care of three children has been quite chaotic. Still she never quit.

Many of her kins suggested her to quit her studies but Naina's eradication to study was more powerful than their words. She continued with her mundane.

It was twilight Naina was sitting on swing in their varandah, oscillating to and fro cleaving the air around, her dupatta luring in the fine breeze along with her Auburn hair tied in loose plait.

Naina's eyes fell on gate she saw a man standing their gaping at her. Instantly she stopped the swing and went towards the gate. She expected Suraj to be their but it was someone else, she had never seen a handsome face then the one she was seeing.

For a moment words can't linger her tongue, than with muse Naina questioned his presence. He told that he is a disciple of Suraj and has arrived on his invitation. Naina invited him inside their home.

He hasn't returned yet, you may sit and wait till his arrival, Naina said.

After few minutes Suraj arrived, breaking the silence. After few moments they all squatted.

Suraj introduced his disciple Aarav to Naina, and also har campaign in her studies. This confused her she thought about asking him later.

Mr. Aarav this is my wife Naina, spoke Suraj. He greeted her with forceful smile, quite young she is, he thought.

Lucky person.

My wife is also studying on the same topic that you wish to learn,Suraj said bringing Aarav back to reality. So I have decided to teach both of you together he continued.

So everyday eight to ten, at my place. Is it convenient to you? Asked Suraj.

Hmm.... Yeah of course I will be there. He answered.

There studies started, Aarav proved to be more intelligent than Naina, he was smarter and quicker than her. She faces problems sometimes copping up with him yet he was helpful soon they became good friends.

This was pricking like thorn to their family members but Suraj supported her at every stage he has been her biggest inspiration.

A month passed studying together, 

Aarav was amused by the company of Naina some way she was affecting him he thought but than it might be because of her good looks he thinks.. Anyway she is my boss's wife, I can't think about her.

Naina's nature was completely opposite unlike Suraj's nature she is jovial, lively person, who could find happiness in small things, brighten up your world with her embellish embrace.

Day by day his urge to know more about Naina increases he wanted to know who she is and why she ended up marrying man years older than her?

To whom he shall ask, he can't ask Suraj and Naina how would she react, will she answer or will end up giving him cold stare.

Months were passing still Aarav grumbled in same maze of unanswered questions.

One day they were studying as usual but due to some emergency Suraj has to go to his lab immediately, he left leaving Aarav and Naina to practice previous things.

Suraj thought this was his chance to know his answers but how he should start conversation.'s pleasant day today, he spoke

Oh yes it is, Naina said writing in her book.

Hmm... He mused.. How long you have been here or you are born here?

No I don't belong to this place I m from small tribe living near the forest stretching in East, I came here after my marriage..umm almost ten years back.

Quite long time..I thought you were recently married he replied.

That's nice of you to think.. It's not like that actually, she said.

Yeah.. True, he thought. Nothing seems the way I think..

Months passed everyone busy in their own life..but since last week Naina stopped coming for classes.

Her absence made a void in their classes then once Aarav asked Suraj about her absence for such a long time he told her she won't come for few months as she is pregnant.

Ohh..Ok, Aarav replied. They continued as usual.

Naina was nowhere to be seen now Aarav misses her presence, her essence of friendliness, her beautiful face which he likes to stare, her giggles that makes every complicated things easy, her positive attitude... Everything about her. He has been habitual to her presence and now her absence was making everything awkward for him to study there.

Months passed Naina gave birth to a boy.. Once again it was celebration for new member in family who is one month now...

It was time when Naina moved back to her studies this time she faces more obstructions from her family but her husband was always there like wall between them, supporting her to study.

Naina looked same to him after so many months, same beautiful Olive skin, that long Auburn hair, curvaceous figure eloquent with her blue choli and light blue blouse covered by shiffon dupatta, glimmering like a ray of light in darkness.

It seemed as if Aarav has forgotten to breath for a while.

Studies continued once again in full fledged. Schedule became tight once again for Naina because she has to handle studies as well as two children.

With each passing day their friendship became more strong, Naina was also becoming habitual to Aarav. He has been more than a friend to her now.

Naina has never experienced such a pleasure in anyone's company, she started loving his company, wished to spend more time with him but her mundane doesn't permits her.

Aarav's feelings for Naina was becoming strong day by day, he has started loving her, he knew his love story is never going to have happy ending as she is his boss's wife, not only boss his teacher also he can never do such trait with his teacher.

It's better to die than to do such sin.

Now a days as Suraj remains more busy with his work they both have to study alone which gave them chance to talk.

Naina has now become more free to talk to him, slowly and gradually Naina too started loving him.

Both loved each other, neither of one would speak. Naina Feared betraying her husband and Aarav feared betraying his teacher as well as boss by loving his wife.

Anyway love is never hidden how much it tries to hide. Naina how so ever doesn't adore Suraj's company much more she tried to be normal but couldn't.

Suraj felt something is wrong. After sometime Suraj came to know about Naina and Aarav. This news broke him. Everything changed between Naina And Suraj. They lived together just for their children.

A month passed with this Topsy-Turvy than one day Suraj told Naina That he wants to be separate.

It struck both their lives like thunder bolt....

Life has to go on whatever happens whether happiness or grief. Naina and Suraj got separated.

Finally, Naina and Aarav married each other. A new life began with the enlightening of happiness that existed ever after...........  

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