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Pujashree Mohapatra


Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

2 mins

An old man named Mr. Narottam held a bag and was passing the road. Suddenly a bike pushed him out from the back and he fell down. He got hurt in his right hand and started to bleed. But he checked his bag first that if there was any loss of things in it or not. Then he left that place. While going on the road, he saw a doctor's house. Then he rang the bell at the door. The doctor himself opened the door. When the doctor saw blood flowing from Mr. Narottam's hand, then the doctor understood that he needed treatment soon. TThe doctor cleaned the blood and put the ointment on it and even bandaged it.

         Seeing Mr. Narottam in a hurry the doctor asked him- "where do you want to go in such a hurry"? 

Then Mr. Narottam replied, "Sir, if I do not reach the hospital in the right time, then my wife, who is admitted in the hospital, will think that why her breakfast was not given to her at the right time today". 

Then the doctor asked with curiosity, "Which disease has she"? 

 Mr. Narottam replied, "Sir, she is suffering from Alzheimer's. 

Doctor said- "Ohh!, this is a disease of forgetting. The patient does not recognize anyone. 

Mr. Narottam said, "You are absolutely right sir, about five years she has this disease. not only me but even she also doesn't recognize anyone". 

The doctor said with surprise -"You take breakfast for her every morning, and if you are delayed, she also worries for you, though she doesn't recognize you. 

Mr. Narottam patted Doctor's hand and said smilingly- "what's the matter if she doesn't recognize me but I recognize her that's enough. I had promised her to live together all the time, and I will be with her till my dying breath.

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