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"Ultimate plate" This plate in the dining table is not a plate that you would see in a buffet. Unlike buffet , this plate usually wouldn't be filled with dishes such that it won't have the space for a spoon of pickle, instead it has sacrifice as an appetizer along with selflessness, satisfaction of a main course, fulfillment and sweetness as that of a dessert.

Yes, I'm talking about the person who sits beside you in the dining table and eats very little or the hunger takes a backstage when all the other members of the family enjoys the sumptuously delicious meal. "It's your mother's plate I'm talking about " How often we look into this? What makes this pious woman sacrifice a lot for the family ? This plate deserves more attention than any other in the dining table, isn't it?

One can say a lot of things about a family if you can closely watch the plate of this lady. Why do they sacrifice like this ? Or did your thoughts take you to a conclusion where it says they are mothers and are supposed to be like this ? NO. They see themselves as a part of each and everyone in your family and the satisfaction of seeing everyone happy makes her the happiest of the lot. Sometimes they eat what is left rather than what was there , how many times do we notice that ? Rarely.

Fathers, brothers, sisters , grandparents,who are all busy with their lives,please do not ignore what is within you all or who is among us all. We Indians talk about culture a lot but not always about manners and fail to look within us but we do certainly have time to complain about the food she makes but no time to check whether she is eating! At least the leftovers to be harsh . Why don't we treat our queen well ? Let this plate get served and treated first. These thoughts would make us think about the working mothers as well , multitaskers they would be. Salute ladies!

Dining table is the place were you shouldn't be stoic or careless. This is the happiest place your father worked for , and his first happiness was your mother so first things first and thus happy things first. Still these lady folks do sacrifice and repeat everything including the leftover eating .So be vigilant, there isn't many solutions,these things happen naturally to them and that's the beauty of mothership. This is why this human form, which I believe is the most respected female form "MOTHER".

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