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Swati Tyagi



Swati Tyagi


Transparent Skirt & Beer Reads

Transparent Skirt & Beer Reads

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Grrrrrrrrrrrr… grrrrrrrrrr..

The irritating phone vibration forced me to take my eyes away from the book.

“I am in the parking of Oberoi mall, where are you?”

“CCD.. our usual spot” I disconnected smiling. This spot was like home for me. We have spent hours reading, chatting, fighting even just sitting here.

My smile faded away when I saw a girl in her early twenties enter CCD. She looked completely normal, except her black transparent skirt.

“I don’t know what has happened to kids these days. Mini skirt is fine but why they have to make it TRANSPARENT?” I greeted him

“Whoa!! You look really angry.” He pulled his chair

“Let it go. How was your day?”

“Work was good. But something else.. I just don’t understand.”

“I am listening.”

“There is this fresher guy in our office. He calls himself a book lover and guess what his weekend plans are; Reading new novel of his favorite author with beer. How can you insult books by combining them with alcohol?” He was furious.

“You sound like your father, who never understood why coffee and books complement each other. Come on, it’s his personal choice.”

“And transparent skirts are also personal choices. You sound like your Mom who despised backless dresses.”

“So, we are the old generation.”

“We should stop now, before our kids start despising us.”

We were both laughing in our favorite spot.

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