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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Sindhura Reddy

Inspirational Drama Children Stories


Sindhura Reddy

Inspirational Drama Children Stories

Traffic Signal

Traffic Signal

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Ravi looked sideways anxiously. He seemed relaxed because the roads on both sides were almost clear. He proudly sat on his Royal Enfield Classic, restlessly waiting for the traffic signal to flash green. The wait displayed three minutes. There was no sight of a single cop even if Ravi strained his neck and narrowed his eyes to double-check. Since he was at the forefront of the 2 km long queue of vehicles, he did not think it would trouble the co-commuters much if he skipped the signal. Ravi was excited about the afternoon lunch with his friends. He had more than an hour to reach the restaurant in order to make the advance reservations; it was a treat his friends demanded for the bike’s birthday. Ravi had conceded without much opposition.

Literally, having evaluated the environment around, there was nobody stopping him from jumping the traffic signal, except one. This time, for once, Ravi decided to listen to his vehemently interrupting conscience.

“Ravi, you have an hour to reach the restaurant and yet, you want to skip the signal and reach there in the next ten minutes! Ain’t a good deal isn’t it !”

“Just Imagine. Of course, today is your day. Hence, the setup is totally conducive for you to conveniently jump the signal and move on like nothing significant ever happened. Do you think every day will be so? What if, on another day, you are wildly tempted to do the same and eventually end up getting caught by the police or worse, or jeopardizing your own safety?” 

“Have you thought about how doing anything repeatedly becomes a habit difficult to give up later? What if breaking motor rules and traffic regulations become a part of your life? Then, trust me; you will live each day like a lottery. It is a massive risk, not worth taking.“

“You may never coach anyone to follow you. But, let’s say, someone, albeit immature gets motivated seeing you skip signal and follows suit. The practice ends up being a chain of similar actions by people of all age groups. Dangerous isn't it, Ravi."

“Some patience, please, Ravi.”

The conscience logged out right at the moment the traffic signal turned green.

Ravi’s face was creased with worry. It was as if he was at crossroads in his life during the three minutes. Nonetheless, he went about the rest of the day as usual. The party turned out fabulous.

The only real change was in the way he felt after he stuck to the command of the signal. He had not done this in a long time; it had resulted in a sort of calm for the rest of the afternoon. Quite surprisingly, Ravi felt secure and in control. He liked the after-effects of his rare action.

Several weeks later, Ravi’s sister found her brother writing something in a journal. She was overjoyed at this sight since her brother had never once paid heed to her requests to be more organized, use journals et all. Ravi brushed them aside as inconsequential acts. When she probed curiously, Ravi described the traffic incident and how he pondered for over a few days after the incident occurred.

“We see it happening around us; however, we ignore it blissfully. At least I did, didi (sister). When we see boards announcing important precautions like, “Do not drink and drive” “Do not talk and drive” “ Wear a helmet, Put on the seat belt” , we assume it is for our neighbors and not really meant for our concern. We find carrying vehicle documents and avoiding rash driving, duly following road and motor rules is simply a collection of “To-Do” list for amateurs. On the contrary, such valuable information is to save our lives and our families’ lives and also to promote a culture of civic sense which we invariably follow when in another country. We take it for granted in our own land. Hence, an idea descended upon me to do something about it. My bit, you see.”

"The number of accidents, the magnitude of careless and reckless behavior, the perilous haste with which the generation is proceeding - My god! the figures are startling. The outcomes are devastating and bewildering. The posterity looks bleak."

Ravi’s sister listened to her brother as he spoke of all the research he did on the subject.

“I am going to make amendments in my way of life in being more disciplined."Change begins with you". I also plan to share this within my friend circle as well as to conduct workshops for children in schools. I will call it – Do not mess with your life!”

"I am going to use my social media and my networking for a better cause and for spreading a wise word."

Ravi’s sister flashed a victory sign and wished him all the best. She loved his idea, his initiative, the sentiment he echoed alongside. She too requested to be on board for this much needed activity. The traffic signal had surely changed her brother for good.

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