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Kunal Gupta



Kunal Gupta


Three Questions

Three Questions

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Once upon a time, there was a king. The people live in his kingdom were very happy. 

One day the king thought if he knew the right time to begin everything, what is the right people to listen to or whom to avoid, and what was the most important thing to do if he should never fail in anything he might undertake.

This thought occurred every day in his mind. One day he had proclaimed throughout his kingdom that he would give a reward who would teach him how three questions.

Many learned men came to the king, but all answered differently. In reply to his first question, many learned men told the king that to knew the right time he should make a time table and strictly follow. His courtiers said that it was impossible to decide beforehand the time. Many people told that the only magician knows the right time. He believes that his countries or his learned man told him the answer to his first question but not. 


To reply to his second question. Some said most needed people were his councilors, others said priest, others the doctors while some said the warrior was most necessary.


To reply to his third question some said the most most important thing is occupation., others said science is the most important, some said religion. But no one answer is correct. 


The king was not satisfied with any answer. He thought that a hermit was lived in his kingdom was very wisely.


The lived in the wood which he never quitted and he did not meet any special person. The king wears simple clothes and dismounts his horse and leaving is a bodyguard and went to the hermit house alone. 

When the king went he see that the hermit was digging the ground. He greeted him and started his work. The king told his three questions. The hermit listened to the king but answered nothing. 

'You are tired ', the king said, ' let me take the spade and take rest for a while.

'Thanks!' said the hermit and gave the spade to the king.

When he dug two beds the king stopped and repeated his questions but hermit gave no answer. The auntie set and king said to the hermit,' I came to you for an answer if you can give none tell me and I will return home. ' The king turned round And saw a man come running Out of the wood the man held his hands pressed against the stomach and the blood is flowing from his stomach. The king takes his handkerchief and he washed it as he takes best. Then the blood is not flowing the king took bandage to the wound and took him to the room of the hermit. After some time the man revived and asked for something to drink. The king fresh water and gave to him. Then the man has closed his eyes and quiet. The king was also tired and sleep at the threshold. When the man awoke in the morning and saw that the king was looking at him he said, "Forgive me!" 

The king said I don't know who are you and which mistake I forgive u. 

" You don't know but I knew you. I am enemy of your because you executed my brother and seized his property I knew that you alone went to the hermit house and I resolved to kill you but you don't come and so I came out of my ambush to find you and I came upon your bodyguard and they wounded me. I wished you to kill you but you save my life. Now if you wish to live me or not. The king very glad to have peace with his enemy and he made him a friend. Then the man was gone. The king was again said to the hermit, ' please give me the answer to my question.' 


"You have been answered already," said the hermit.

" How answered " asked the king.

"Do you not see " replied hermit if you not pitted my weakness and had not dug beds for me and gone to the palace the man kill you .so most important time was when you digging the beds. And I was the most important person and to do good is the most important thing. 

Then when the man ran to us the most important time was when you were attending to him. And the most important person was whose man and the most important thing is what you did for him. 

Most important time is present because there is only time when we have any power, Most important man is he with whom you are, for no man, knows whether he would ever have dealings with anyone else and most important things are to do him good because for that purpose alone was a man sent into this life.

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