Sneha Chatterjee

Drama Horror


Sneha Chatterjee

Drama Horror

Thirst of Kalyani!

Thirst of Kalyani!

7 mins

Damini is a travel writer who travels places to write travel blogs. She has been travelling since she was 18 years old and now she is 27years. She loves travelling and each time she travels she feels it's a new adventure and she says she learns new things every time she is travelling. She also makes new friends and learns about the local culture, their food and history of that place.

Damini loves her job...

This time Damini was travelling to the Eastern part to discover the magnificent hills, she was just as excited as she would be for all her trips. She boards the bus but finds that there are very few passengers. She was shocked at this sight because always the places where she goes would have a lot many tourists and hence the buses would be full.

She would always read travel books about the place she would be visting to know better about the local sight, culture and food....She would try to cover them all up.She fell asleep while reading the book and it was night 12am suddenly her bus came across a bumper and she wokeup in no time terrified. She then saw a women covering her face with duppata and having big black bag in her hand getting up the moving bus...Damini before she could ask the conductor to stop the bus, the lady got up the bus and sat in a seat right infront of Damini...

Damini kept staring at the women, to look at her face but couldn't see...Damini couldn't resist anymore. She went and sat in the seat next to the woman and kept constantly staring at her...Damini introduced herself and asked her to be comfortable...

The lady slowly took her dupata but not completely and Damini seeing her, felt as though she is seeing a princess hiding behind the dirty piece of cloth...Damini saw how beautiful the women was, who probably looked like in her early twenties...The lady then said"Im Kalyani a local of this village, everyday I board this bus to travel to the hills where I stay actually...", Damini then stared sharing about her job and slowly fell asleep, it was 1am and they had reached their destination. Kalyani invited Damini to stay along with her on the hills as she owns a cottage there...Damini hesitated at first but later she agreed.

When they got down from the bus, the bus conductor and other people kept staring at Damini and she wondered what was wrong with her, that everybody was staring at her. She wasn't understanding and hence walked away to catch auto...she and Kalyani kept walking and Damini tried to catch autos but everybody left listening the destination to be the hills, Damini finally got an auto driver who said, he would drop her 10mins prior to the destination...

Damini agreed and sat in the auto. Kalyani was seeing out and the auto driver started telling, "Madam don't go there, you go back, there many horror story, ghost stories of that place and many people have also seen lot of paranormal activity taking place...", Damini laughed at him and gave a funny look to Kalyani telling that she loves to listen scary story and kept talking with Kalyani, the auto driver was looking at Damini and giving her vague looks. Damini wondered and assumed that the auto driver was angry as she made fun of him and so he was looking at her like that...Finally they reached their destination and the auto driver before taking the fare warned Damini with a scary face, telling her to return back soon as it wasn't a safe place for her.


Damini didn't tell anything and followed Kalyani who was walking in the darkness without any light towards her home on the hill.Damini remembered about the horror face the auto driver had before she started walking and thought, stories about the scary ghost might be a lie..

Damini followed Kalyani and soon they reached the place, it wasn't less than a horror scene to see the place which looked like a shooting place for movies like horror of Dracula. It was very spooky and they entered the house. Kalyani lit a lantern and asked Damini to wait for her inside and to stay away from the things...and said she would come back soon...

Damini kept walking and exploring the place, it was not a cottage but it was a palace. She got a stinky smell and saw somebody sitting in the sofa. She thought it could be Kalyani's father and went to thank him...but as she walked there were some sounds and she turned back, before she could turn back, that man disappeared, Damini was shocked and said, "Uncle, uncle, uncle...are you there?", and just then she heard sounds of shoes coming from stairs. She couldn't believe how could an old man, go up and come downstairs so fast in just fraction of second. Damini couldn't believe her eyes and just then she heard sounds coming from a corner of the room. She went there thinking it was Kalyani but what she saw there was unbelievable. She saw Kalyani dressed like a princess, decked up in jewels and coming towards her. Damini asked her why did she change but Kalyani didn't tell her a single word and dragged Damini by her hand to a nearby room in force, Damini wasn't happy by this and she wanted to leave but Kalyani didn't leave her...she was much stronger than Damini.

Damini then saw a lady lying in the room where Kalyani dragged her. She went near the woman and approached her, the room was dark and the lady wasn't moving, Damini turned back to see Kalyani but couldn't find her, just then she heard sounds coming from the upstairs. She ran to see what was wrong and she saw a man dragging a woman and the woman was Kalyani...Damini was shocked. She shouted but the man didn't give ear to her words. She went to help Kalyani but to her surprise. She passed within the bodies of them as if they were illusions and then suddenly they disappeared, Damini was scared now and she didn't know what to do?.

She shouted Kalyani calling her but she couldn't find anyone..., then she went into the room and saw the women who was lying there had turned into a skeleton wearing traditional clothes...Damini tried getting out of the house but couldn't as the doors were jammed. She remembered the auto driver telling her to get back and Damini was in tears. She sat on the sofa and was weeping in fear and crying for her life. She felt as if somebody was sitting next to her...Damini could feel somebody breathing. She shouted but nobody answered...after sometime she heard Kalyani's voice and the voice said"Damini, I brought you here so that I can drink your warm blood...and take your body so that I achieve what I want!You know I was a princess and I never wanted my beauty to fade so decided to leave my palace and do black magic here, then when I decided to stay on the hills.

My father who was King built this palace but he didnt know what I was day, one of the soldier's saw me doing black magic and burning two girls alive and their burnt bodies helped to me keep my beauty intact...the soldier saw all this and went to complaint my father...My father was a kind hearted king, he didn't want me to kill people and wanted me to stop doing black magic. So he decided to lock me up in jail but after coming out also I continued doing black magic, so he decided to get me married and send me far away. But I didn't agree to that and I took my own life and through black magic i have kept my skeleton intact from 3000years...

Everyday I travel by bus from my Father's palace here so that on the way I get people like you who I can take advantage of and get your body and blood to bring life to my body...",

Damini was in fear and wanted to escape...Kalyani started making arrangements for killing Damini and using her blood for her benefit, Damini understood that Kalyani was a ghost who was in thirst of blood. She saw Kalyani's face covered with blood, her hands nothing but bones and tears of blood dripping from her eyes and she also understood why everybody was staring at her whether be it the bus conductor, co passengers or the auto driver...she understood people thought she was fool speaking to herself as Kalyani was invisible to them. She knew the house on a haunted hill was really haunted...she saw Kalyani doing some paranormal things...4

Meanwhile she heard two women who looked half burnt saying Damini to go away or she would be killed, they said they were those girls whom Kalyani burnt alive to do black magic, Damini tried getting up slowly so that Kalyani doesn't get to know and she goes to open the door. Kalyani is laughing loudly and busy in doing arrangements. Damini left the haunted house and thanked the ghost of those girls who helped her escape.

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