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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Drashti Badheka

Children Stories Children


Drashti Badheka

Children Stories Children

They Can't Exist Together

They Can't Exist Together

3 mins

Sitting on the stairs of her house, Evi is lost in her own world. A world where dark lighting cloud is below her. On her left side, it was self-burning sun showering light to the part world. While, on her right side, it was a peaceful moon who showered moonlight in the midst of darkness. Then, who's better? 

After thinking for a while, she ran to her mum in the kitchen. 

"Mum, I need to ask you something. "

Her mum told her to wait for a little while and help her to do some work first. She delightedly accepted the offer and started cleaning the platform while her mum was arranging the fruits and vegetables in the freeze. After completing work, both sat on chairs which were in the backyard. 

The backyard was beautifully arranged with various flowers and small shrubs. Purple, yellow and red were reflected out of it beautifully. Evi continued,

"Mum, everything around us is so beautiful. Today I imagined sun and moon together but they don't exist together, do they? Why can't days and nights be united? We can have sun and moon both during days and nights."

Her mum chuckled at her daughter's innocent questions, yet, she was just a small child. She replied,

"Evi dear, the world exists because of neutralization..." Evi cut off her in between and said,

"Momma, what's neutralization?"

Her mum took her on her lap and continued

"Neutralization is like an equalizer. For every evil, there is some good. Sun gives light and energy to survive but excess heat can burn life. Moon brings peace and little brightness in dark nights but lack of energy can destroy life. For each sun's weakness, the moon becomes its strength. Thus, everyone has some good pure goal inside them but they also have some evil weakness which can be shaped with others help. Thus, the relationship exists. Love and respect exist to complete each other and continue great good. No one is complete in itself. Yet no one needs to be perfect, single perfect good can bring great change..."

"If the sun and moon stay together they won't be able to equalise each other. That would be competition and competition can never do great good nor eliminate the evil. So, to do good, they can't exist together. "

Evi continued to stare at her mum in great disbelief. And then, she asked:

"Mum, do I too have evil inside me? "

Her mum chuckled and kissed her on her head,

"No my baby, you are the purest soul. Not only you, every child has the purest soul. But this world makes you rigid. But, if you continue to be always this child within yourself, you can continue to be the purest soul on earth. No evil can reside inside you unless you choose to. "

Evi kissed her mum on her cheeks.

"Mum, I will always be your tiny girl. I love you."

Her mum hugged her and replied,

"I love you too, my girl."

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