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The Window Pal

The Window Pal

4 mins

It was a cold January night and was a long day at school. I was as tired as a pair of worn-out shoes. I wore my favorite blue pajamas, adjusted my pillow, and laid my head on it. My mom sang me her sweet lullabies but sleep was nowhere in my eyes. I pretended to sleep. As my mom saw that I was fast asleep, she quickly got up and opened up the window pane and a swish of cold air rushed in. She always did that despite me telling her to fasten the window panes. I always liked the windows to be fastened when I slept, in case some creepy stuff was out there. Well Yes! That's how the mind interprets the night. All cold and creepy.

Now back to the story, My mom switched off the orange lamplight beside me and silently closed the door, trying not to make a single creaky noise. I looked down and waited for my parent's bedroom light to go off. They switched it off after a minute or two and I hastily got up to close the window pane. 

That is when I noticed two pairs of beady eyes peeking at my window. I quickly jumped back on my bed. Good Gracious! It was anything but a Sparrow! From afar it looked like a dark shadow. I got up from my bed, slowly like a sloth to get a closer look. 

Its small eyes were glittering in the rays of the moon just like a diamond when light hits it. Its feathers were flapping the way the angels did, fast but gracefully and gently. A sharp beak which was black. It hoped down on my desk and settled itself. It looked adorable as it jumped on its tiny feet like it was caught in a trampoline. It looked around with its little dainty head. I was very curious about what it may seem to it a strange place.

 I tried to think about what was going on in its head. What a strange place! Hippity- hoppaty hop! Huh? What's this? I wonder why do these humans use a stick like this? I can put it too good use! I can build a new nest for my little babies! Oh, dear! It's so heavy! I laughed as it tried to pick up my pencil. I quickly stifled it. It was startled and briskly hopped behind my pen-stand. The pen-stand was large enough to hide the sparrow's tiny body. 

Then, suddenly it caught me by surprise! It flew and landed on my shoulder. Its feet tickled me but I tried not to move. I was scared not because all of this was kind of shocking but because I didn't want to hurt its fragile body. I waited patiently not saying a word, as it tried to adjust on my shoulder. I must be the first human it interacted with. I was happy! It chirped in my ear. It's voice so sweet just like a violin played with love. Then, it jumped on my head and played with my hair. I giggled. It chirped. I giggled and it chirped again. It was like a game we played. 

"What is your name, little guy? Should I call you Swift?" I said.

It chirped. 

So that's it. "I am going to call you Swift from now on".

I stretched my arm out and Swift flew and landed right on my arm. I got goosebumps and it felt good. I stroked him with my fingers and he nuzzled.

 I talked and he chirped. This is what we did for some time. 

I felt my eyelids droop and I guess that somehow Swift knew that I was sleepy. We had our own telepathy connection! 

"Visit me tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. Visit me every night. I will be waiting" I said. 

Swift chirped one last time and flew away into the darkness of the night. I hope it will visit me tomorrow too. 

I had many friends but what I and Swift just conversed felt like a connection. Even though I could not understand what he said nor he could understand what I was telling him. But it still seemed we made a bond. 

I was cheery. After I had my own window pal.

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