The Undertaker: Chapter 2

The Undertaker: Chapter 2

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Who's the victim?

Jaan, after handcuffing his parents, went to their guest room. There laid his grandmother, an eighty-year-old woman with hearing and sight dysfunction. She was sleeping soundly without a single movement. Jaan stared at her eyes perpetually. A woman extremely close to her was she. His grandmother was a plethora of kindness and selfness and Jaan found it harder to hit her so bad. At this time, Jaan was smiling and his face turned all red. He took slow steps and went towards her. After giving her a kiss on the forehead, he struck her hard to unconsciousness. He stopped right there for a while and wiped the tears off his eyelids. Jaan sat beside his unconscious grandmother and put his huge handbag on the bed. Opening it, he began cross-checking the weapons. There were four long crowbars, five iron metal rods, one dagger, sharp knives and two bottles of acid. The bag of horrors was zipped by him after a look at it.

Jaan realized the reluctance that was developing inside him with each additional second being spent in that house. So, he walked fast towards their main door and locked it with their house key. Jaan brought complete normalcy to his face the moment he locked their main door. He smiled forcefully. It was an art for the twenty-year-old as not even a single smile has erupted out of elation in the last few years. Jaan took the elevator and went to the ground. There were still a few people watching the toads play. The drizzle made Jaan’s hair wet and droplets fell along his shoulders and back. Jaan has already predetermined his destination – The Jatayu Forests. It is a secluded forest notable for the presence of tigers. The road along the forest leads to the Damodar Expressway which connects two cities. People preferred not to go along that road.

In recent times, there were two reported deaths from the beasts’ attack. Jaan was well aware of the perils that the road possessed. It was irrational of him to urge for the probable death but the decision was adamant. Jaan decided not to take any vehicle and cover the big distance in feet. He walked attentively staring at the various elements around him. Luckily, the drizzle did not alter into heavy rain. Jaan’s resolution was anomalous. He turned into a boy who would wipe night long even in the issues, most minimal. But while taking the steps, he did not turn back to look at the nostalgic parks and playgrounds. An hour passed in a minute for the anomalous Jaan. He was finally in the secluded road along the perilous forest. Jaan halted and looked at his sole which tore apart in all the places visible. His T-shirt stuck to his chest with all the sweat engulfing his body. He relaxed and panted for some seconds. Indistinct hissing and buzzing from the forests made him smile.

He looked into the forest and gave the iconic ‘Norman Bates’ smile. “Oh World! How have you tormented me! I wish I did not give a second thought before tormenting you. I really just hope Afterlife exists and it is good” Jaan said loudly before the keen forests. He thought they heard him because they neither interrupt nor misunderstood him. Jaan had one condition for his suicide, a self-imposed condition- “No living, No Dead, No disease will kill me. Only I shall be the fortunate one to clinch my lifeless life”. The narcissist Jaan loved himself and knew he was born for greatness. But, all life gave him was the lifelessness he desired lest. Laughing loudly, he walked towards the forest. He would cry, He would laugh but he would not stop.

Towards the afterlife, he walked when a car passed by him. Jaan heard it but did not turn back. However, the car did not drive away. It stopped abruptly which attracted Jaan’s attention. Jaan was inside the forest to a notable limit but turned back when he realized that the car stopped. The road was visible to him easily though some bushes gave a slight blocking. Jaan could understand the car was whacked from the repeated pounding of the driver at the right window. Jaan looked around and felt the solace and dangers of the road. He scorned and uttered indistinct words to himself but decided to help before he leaves for abode. The driver with his back turned to Jaan was about to go for a call when Jaan gave him a loud call “Want some help?” As the stranger turned to Jaan, Jaan noticed his face and recollected the events around that very person. The person gave him a scorning smile while Jaan gave an eerie smirk. 

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