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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Abhishu sharma

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Abhishu sharma

Drama Inspirational

The True Ratnas Of Our Country

The True Ratnas Of Our Country

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If you are here for some lame jokes or some cheap thrill stories then please switch the tab of your windows screen, this very moment only. 

This is an out and out letter to all the idiots out there.

Dear MEN of our "Independent" country,

When Indian men in blues play the game of cricket, we the fans, the people, as a one whole nation playing on the behalf of these eleven players, the one, the only, the primary, or even the secondary feeling in that moment is patriotism and nothing else.

 But why does it become a completely different scenario, when the women of our country play the same game on the same platform, in the same dress, for the same country, for the and of the same people. I don’t think I have to underline the difference of feelings, thoughts I'm talking about here and if you are still clueless about what difference I'm talking about here then either you are more stupid than these idiots I'm writing this letter to or this is that rarest moment when Luck is on my side here as You are on the other side of this bridge standing with me, for which I found myself happiest and more energetic to have the presence of other people because I thought I am one of the very few flag bearers standing on this other side of the bridge to balance it.

 The random talks by these idiots while watching our warriors is so vulgar and cheap and I'm feeling shameful to call them my country-mates but today I will say and say everything bluntly.

 The most precise and correct term here is “Ogle”. The objectification of these players is the worst one can do while talking about the spirit of cricket. A player's hard work, determination, spirit of throwing themselves completely in the game to make their country proud, their never say die attitude is just washed-off by these people's mal-activities and their comments.

 Today, in the world of the internet, the easy accessibility this internet provides to reach out to all the people and say anything to them directly in the name of Freedom of speech has made things worse. If you can’t or even don’t want to motivate their hard work, or encourage their determination, Trust Me It’s Okay for us because you are living in your small "barbie world" if you are thinking that you will succeed in letting them down or make them feel inferior by your shallow knowledge and zero thinking ability then let me remind you that the taunts, these inferior feeling, or even these comments, these warriors are listening from their birth and sometimes before their birth also when they were in their mother’s womb only.

 So, My dear "self-proclaimed, THE MEN" of our country, let me tell you 

 These cheap and shallow comments which were once the reason for their inferiority complex are now eventually and rootly becoming the reason for their solid attitude and the perception of looking at life. Once, one of these players said in her interview that they all had developed a new complex“Superiority complex" out of this inferiority complex gifted by YOU in them because of the overflowing of this inferiority complex.

I Am telling you all who are yawning on the other side of the bridge of us that these cheap tactics of yours just works as a catalyst for these players' determination and courage and gives them a boost up in achieving their dreams. And don't let me start on their achievements, they got by giving only twenty -thirty percent of their capability because the remaining eighty percent of their energy is spent on living their emotions with your shallow and cheap thinking. 

The Arjuna award, Padmashri award to these players is the live evidence for it. I know you don't even know one name of these players but don't worry.Let me give a teaser of them.Among the world's top five world cup innings(Both men and women), the fourth most courageous, and determining innings was by our country's daughter. After Mr. Kapil Dev's innings, her match turning and most courageous innings I have ever come across and My personal favorite innings comes on the second rank in all the world cup innings played by any player in our country. These all achievements they got by giving only twenty -thirty percent of their capability because the remaining eighty percent of their energy is spent on living their emotions with your shallow and cheap thinking. But now they will give their hundred percent on their game. Because now YOU do not exist for us, previously they knew that YOU are so weak on your own that you cannot survive without them. That is the reason why they were carrying your and your cheap thinking burden also on their shoulders. It will be a very shameful thing for you if you have to google the names of these players I 'm talking about here BUT it will be most shameful thing you could do is to not be aware about these warrior's courage and determination's story of their heroic deeds. 


 This is not a threat or satire or any kind of reverse psychology attempt to stop all of you to do this stupidity but just a piece of charity work from my side for all of you to just make you aware that "what all things you are doing with that mal-intention in mind is now becoming a weapon for these warriors to achieve their goals''. Their baby steps and courage has not remained baby anymore, The thorns you are hiding and placing mischievously in their path has become flowers to them. But Iam sure that you will still take this as a challenge because I have directly hurt your male ego here and now you are burning in the fire of jealousy and revenge.

So, let me tell you with all the respect that you idiots truly deserve from the bottom of my heart is that we are ready for you 

But, if you still have some humanity and respect left in you anywhere in your heart for these women and you can feel it at the core part in your heart then come to this side of the bridge and support our creators.

Just give it a thought that with thirty percent of what they could actually do, these WOMEN( which is correctly pronounced as "WE-MEN" i.e. strength of many men in one single individual, either mental, physical or emotional) what wonders they could do

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