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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

saravanan Periannan

Drama Fantasy


saravanan Periannan

Drama Fantasy

The Train Journey

The Train Journey

3 mins

Parthi was looking at his train ticket sitting on the bench of the platform.

Then he saw two families, one boarding first-class compartment and one boarding second class compartment even when they are going to have the same journey. Humans are divided similarly by caste, religion even they have the same life.

Then his train to Trichy comes and he takes his seat ready to enter a memorable journey.

1. The cute baby

The train starts and Parthi sees his watch and reads 07:00 pm silently.

Then he sees the couple with their child approximately 1-year-old crying and shivering due to the chill climate of December. The father comforts him while the mother takes the towel and covers him with it. Then Parthi closes his eyes and smiles thinking of his childhood and the love his parents showed to him. Then he understands the protection of father and the love of the mother.

The family gets down at the next station.

2. The 7-year-old girl 

Then another family boards the train. Now Parthi takes his dinner and sees the girl running to the seat while the father catches and drags her back while her mother's hand gets to her head to knock.

They fear that something might happen to their daughter and some fear was clearly shown in their face. Then he reminded of the day when his sister was late to the home and the neighbour asked: "in this society who is going to get affected and take the pain, tell your daughter to come home".My mother said to us inside the home "it is better to stay safe but these teachings must be given to the fellows who do this?. 

Is my daughter going to do something wrong and she cried till my sister came.

Then the family got down at the next station.

3.The adolescent 

In the next station, the 18-year-old boy came and sat next to me.

He takes his headset out of the bag and loads it into his ears. His father was sitting across me consoling the boy's mother through the phone.

I asked his father what is the problem when the boy slept and he even though he reluctant bursted into tears and said his son got suspended from college for alcohol consumption.

I said to him "parents need to save their children in their life during two stages once during their early life and during their adolescence."The parents must channelize their energy in a good way and also say the bad things prevailing in society to avoid and stay away from them.

They both slept well and Parthi looked at his watch and murmured  03:00 am.

4. The married couple

The next morning, Parthi wakes up and gets a cup of tea while 12 membered group enters the compartment.

He sees the married couple laughing and chit-chatting. Then he takes his phone to call Maya his fiancee and chit chats amiably.

Then after some time, the couple starts to argue and it turns into a fight.

An elderly man of 45 from their group said something to the bridegroom and he apologizes to the bride.

Parthi remembers his father's words "argument is not the best option to find the solution to the problem".

Then the group gets down from the train and the children start to run towards the shop and the parents calling their names loudly.

5.The senior citizen

Then for parthi one stopping away from his destination.He saw an old man carrying a stick gets into the compartment and sits but gets hold of his knee and shows the feeling of pain.

Parthi sees the old man with shrinked skin but with a clear ideology.

He requests him to say the mistake he likes to rectify, the old man says "I liked to do things I loved rather than thinking about what others will comment".

Then Parthi stepped down witnessing the transitions of life in one journey and looked back at the train with smile and happiness.

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