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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra


Drama Inspirational Others



Drama Inspirational Others

The Saviours

The Saviours

11 mins 6.3K 11 mins 6.3K

The 20th century was going on. (1960’s or so). There was a boy named Ram who lived in Varanasi. Ram was different from other children as he was kind and helpful and supported equality and did not support discrimination or any form of criticism.

On a pleasant morning in summer, as Ram was walking to school, he found a large sum of money of rupees 5,000. It was of immense value in the 1900’s. He was in his dream world and exclaimed and repeated in his mind that he was rich. He thought about the necessities and wants he had always desired. He could now buy them as in the 1900’s even with 10 paisa, you could buy any small thing. Without looking around and thinking what he could do with it, he picked the money as swiftly as an arrow.

He thought for a while and decided to use it in the canteen as the last 3 periods were very tiring. Geography, Maths and Hindi teachers used to make them run till their house and back to school if they did a blunder in the everyday assignments. While he was imagining the scene in his mind, he came across a red light. A poor and differently- abled little boy named Raghu was asking for help, food, money and other necessities for survival. He was touched by the sight. As described earlier, he was different from other children and wanted to help the child.

The poor boy exclaimed and told Ram that his family was in dire need of money, were below average status in finance, some money could be life saver. Showing his kindness, he thought and exclaimed that, “Since you require the money more than me; your needs are higher, so this money is rightfully yours”. Raghu thanked him for his kind gesture and took the money with folded hands. After few short months, the poor boy’s family became rich while Ram’s family lost money because of some bad investments.

As a friend, the former poor boy respected the rich boy and went in search of him on a pleasant winter season day. He found that Ram was in a bad state so Raghu delivered him livelihood and money to thank him for helping him in his bad days. Ram’s family used that money for medications, insurances, shelter, policies, food and clothing. Ram then went on to become a legendary actor and a well known personality. They became best friends. They became very famous upon the idea and quality of being caring. Now they both believed in each other like brothers and they had strong bonding.

Unlike the rich kids of today, they never fought upon the fact that who’s donation and sacrifice was larger and more effective. Raghu became a police officer. They continued to live in Varanasi in a mansion. Both of their families lived in the same locality. Life was normal in Varanasi until after many years when they were around 21 years, they found out about the number of suffering people in a magazine. Both of them were in thought that if they donate all their wealth, they could save scores of unfortunate children and adults who were diagnosed with diseases that disturbed their daily life and did not enable them to take part in important activities like health care, studies [in the case of education of children], earning daily bread, being active and many more.

At the same time, many people including the unfortunate people knew about their riches, started ringing the bell of their mansions for help. They went with them to the hospital and paid for all the unfortunate families. In no time, most of the diagnosed people recovered. Both friends convinced them to stop creating pollution, to stop littering and using the grounds as washrooms and to stop leaving water in open vessels to invite mosquitoes. People did understand and started to care for the environment and other surroundings around them.

They started to walk for a range of a average 7 kilometers if they had to travel that far, they started to grow as many trees as possible on any vacant and deserted spot and took care of it, they started to enjoy and play in the parks and fields, tender grass grew in the mountain regions and nothing disturbed it, they worshiped the mountains that gave their cows opportunities to eat grass to their heart’s content, manufacturing and using of crackers was banned, diesel vehicles were no longer allowed in Varanasi, they never polluted and threw any waste in the River Ganga and they started an abhiyaan named #Varanasi hamari shaan.

This particular abhiyaan not only observed the pollution but also supported poor people, people with disabilities, orphans, observed and took care of animals and their habitats and people’s necessities and vital and essential needs. It also ensured and specially checked that the edible products in markets are of good quality and not expired. They reused wherever possible and stayed happy. Ram and Raghu were the happiest.

Both of them cared for the people and were now satisfied with the secure health and well being of the people. When the people got to know that Ram and Raghu paid for their welfare, some of them thought that even they could pay for themselves and they became selfish and said ‘even we could pay for ourselves. Don’t think that we are poor!’. The happiest were now the saddest and decided to leave the country but eventually and ultimately the people would come to them as they were the richest in Varanasi. Other diseases and viruses came into existence. All of them were more dangerous than the previous ones.

Once again the people started suffering. The other actors were not willing to pay even a rupee and the people of Varanasi required at least rupees 40,00,00,000!!! Imagine Ram and Raghu saying the same things the selfish people said and afterwards they both are suffering along with thousands of other people. The people would just walk away as they said negative about them but Ram and Raghu were not like that. They both still helped the unfortunate families and even the people who had said negative about them. After getting rid from these diseases, 50 crores of their total wealth- 700 crores [Ram and Raghu’s] was gone but they did not care.

The wealth was open to poor and needy people. This kind act got them many governmental awards like THE AURORA PRIZE FOR AWAKENING HUMANITY as they risked their life as they could have gone bankrupt and the pending debts could even reduce and finish/vanquish the enjoyment in life. For them, life meant two things- enjoyment and hard work. Both things had to be equal. So according to their understandings, life could have been spoilt as there would be no or some presence of enjoyment in life. Now the rude and selfish people understood that they were the ones who had saved their lives and that they should thank both of them. After thanking them, they straightaway went to the bank and collected and bought around rupees 4,000 each and gave it to Ram as a token of thanks. In total, Ram received around rupees 80,000. Now was another time to show his quality of supporting equality and being caring. He gave rupees 40,000 to Raghu. The people appreciated Ram’s quality of being caring.

The deadly diseases started to spread in Africa. Neither the people and tourists were aware nor Ram and Raghu. This created havoc and chaos in Africa. People were severely troubled because of the diseases. They asked for money from the government. The government did not have sufficient money for their treatments. Many people and children died due to the intense and immense pain. To collect money, the African government posted messages on social media and spread awareness around the globe. The advertisements included how the people were dying and other crises. This grabbed attention of the whole India.

All the states donated huge amounts of money for them. The most donation was given from Varanasi. Ram and Raghu gave 300 crores of their great wealth as the whole continent was suffering. Touched by this act, the whole world gave Africa money and the people of Africa were treated. Ram and Raghu were in thought that anyone in the world even the richest of the richest could require money, so they donated and distributed 345 crores to the poor and the countries even though they were not suffering at present.

They kept 5 crores for their living. They used the left over money to buy edible for the poor kids who had been left out while the donation. Now they found themselves having being left with no money. After few days, Ram had to act in a non- fictional movie called The Saviour which was purely dedicated to Ram and Raghu in which there were the events of Ram and Raghu’s life; how Ram helped Raghu; how they became best friends; how they helped the people of Varanasi and Africa and finally how the world was taken by surprise when the duo donated their whole wealth.

This film had a box office of 900 crores of which 500 crores were given to Ram and Raghu and the rest was distributed among other actors and helpers who helped in creating the film like the director, dancers, playback singers, graphic designers, music producers, choreographer, cameraman, costume designers, spot boy, cinematographer, screenwriter, art designer and editors. They became rich again and soon regained their wealth by all means. People of all the world were happy and satisfied with their presence. They called them as ‘shakandhar’ after Lord Vishnu, the divine protector of all beings. Whenever someone needed their wealth, the duo would give them. They were involved in many association that worked for giving equal rights, giving donations and supporting mankind.

Their fame spread all over the planet even more making them popular for their good deeds. They both believed that while making a decision, you should know what is viable for the betterment of people. The will and determination comes in the people who have risk taking qualities so they are known as extraordinary people while the people who fear facing discrimination, criticism are known as ordinary people. They were still best friends as they did not have bad company. Bad company can greatly influence the determination to achieve something important. If good company is there till your journey, they are trustworthy. A leader should be trustworthy and should support other people in any situation. He should not be plagiaristic or prejudiced as it breaks the trust between the followers and leader.

Understanding people, their point of view, their emotions, the positivity in them and the difficulties they face are some of the small things a leader should understand. They described all this in a magazine. This greatly influenced the people to become a leader and motivated them. This act had a positive impact on the environment around; it felt like there was motivation and empowerment and support in the air and the tries whistled all that they both wrote. Varanasi changed. All the time people were working and spending time with their families. There was positivity all around. The timetables of people included of prayer time, eating, playing and working or studying. Everything was done methodically and seemed to be organized in a manner that neither were the people bored with play not with work or study.

Every Sunday people used to go out in the parks and play or they would watch some movie or do some essential physical activity that increased or maintained a level of something important like swimming, basketball, yoga and gym-like activities. Life was normal and better than the best of the best even without luxuries. There was no hatred, no negativity or religion discrimination. People now did the most important thing in the world - they enjoyed life. They appreciated the beauty of God’s creations - nature and it’s inhabitants. They praised Him. Everything was as it should be.

People were happy so were Ram and Raghu. And guess what - they ran a book called The Donations and wrote all about their encounter with diseases and viruses and how they dealt with them. The people had a strong bonding with Ram and Raghu and the problems of people never went unnoticed. Whenever problem came, the relatives helped by discussing the problem and finding solutions for it.

Now the 21’st century was going to begin. After some days, was 1.1.2000, a new beginning with new technology. At last the day came. Instead of cracker bursting, the people of Varanasi gave and distributed gifts among themselves. Not even a single pollutant or bad molecule was released into the atmosphere by them. The people celebrated by decorating their homes, singing, dancing, painting and playing. These all make up the components/constituents of enjoyment.

This word meant a lot to people. The people loved enjoyment. And to even do something for India, they planted around 10,00,000 saplings, 30,00,000 fruit seeds, 20,00,000 seeds of other plant species and 40,00,000 shady tree seeds. Their children often asked why were they and the grandparents planting the seeds and every time their parents said in a chorus that even though the trees will be useless as they would not be there to breath the air as they would be dead the trees will be better and the best to relieve the Earth of the burden - pollution, which the future technology and needs might make and the oxygen will help the generations to breath fresh air.

They knew that the trees would become very tall and that could help to give shade to travelers who are resting under them. They also told them that- “Just like Mr. Ram and Mr. Raghu helped us in our days, we are helping the clean Earth to remain cleaner by planting seeds”. These word echoed through the ears of the people and they and Ram and Raghu lived till a ripe old age.

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