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Ishaan Rawal



Ishaan Rawal


The Nightangle

The Nightangle

8 mins 408 8 mins 408

“Sir! We have a few volunteers who are willing to eat the modified plants and they do not know its modified.”, said the assistant.

 “Good, prepare Operation Nightingale and don’t forget to erase their memories after the experiment. But we cannot let the government know about this, we have proven ourselves and he has given us the freedom to do whatever we want if we tell him about what we are doing. If he does not know what we are doing, then we might succeed without him interfering.”

 “Yes boss.”, replied the assistant.

It was a normal day, bright blue sky, warm wind and no chance of rain. My name is Tyler Marrot and I am a detective scientist: but that does not mean I solve cases like the great Sherlock Holmes, I give theories and ideas for science, assist the head scientist and have a photographic memory. I’ve recently been given a case, I recorded the important points, as I normally do but I will tell you the case.

The case has given by head scientist: Mark Walker.

Case: A recent test subject has escaped and harmed several scientists. We believe he has powers and weakness granted by scientists and the one we have spotted is sensitivity to very bright light. Not like a vampire but when you shine a bright light, he flies away and lets an ear-piercing sound which causes people to faint. We also believe that he is in league with external beings, aliens perhaps and it is helping the subject. The test subject is a male and his name is Adrien Felo, I repeat his name is….

I was scared at first when the case abruptly ended but then it got me thinking, is he a lunatic that captures people? Or an extraterrestrial life form that is turning them to aliens life forms for turning other humans? (I know the last part is crazy but hey so is this case!!). I rush over to my notepad, wore my socks and put on shoes, but I soon realize that I have no proof! This case could be a prank! anyone could have pranked me and given me something else.

 I decided to first go to the lab and check if the case is true and is not a prank. I rode my skateboard to the lab; I noticed a lot of people crowding the way. I even saw a few reporters. I stopped and went back home; on the way I saw many people marveling at me? They were murmuring,” Hey look! That man is glowing blue and yellow!”. Some were even chanting hymns and prayers. I looked at my hands and sure enough, they were glowing, but I was not the only thing they were looking at, they were also looking at the sky which mysteriously looked green?

Something was wrong! I quickly skateboarded to my house, kept the skateboard at the porch, rushed inside and turned on the news channel.

 There were two things I saw, a farm near the lab that was used to grow a few genetically modified plants was turned to crop circles (made by cutting crops, plants and trees. Makes a pattern when looked from above)

Wait for what! Crop circles were made on the farm, then suddenly I appeared. I was glowing blue and yellow and many people were getting interviewed. I turned off the television and looked outside the window, the sky was normal. I went outside but before I did that, I checked that I was glowing or not, I cautiously raised my hand and there was a faint glow, so faint I was surprised how I managed to see it! I thought nobody would notice and I was right, people were busy minding their own business: mowing lawns, walking their dogs and playing with their kids.

On the way to the lab, I took a quick glance and the crop circles have vanished?!?! And the reporters are going back to their channel, I don’t know, places?

 I was walking and I suddenly had a burning sensation, my throat felt dry, my body was hot though I was not feverish, and I felt like I am not being pranked, this is all real, but even then I went and checked out the lab.

The lab was ransacked! There were a few scientists who were not badly injured, and the details were similar. I was oblivious to my surroundings and was in deep thought until I reached home. As soon as I got home, I started packing up to visit Norway (by the way I live in the UK, Kent) and I am going to visit my best friend and scientist Lucas Olsen. He is a tall guy but very nerdy, he fears heights and has blue eyes, he has a goatee and wears glasses. He is the only guy smart enough to crack this case!!

 The next day I visited him and as usual, he was working with someone I hadn’t seen before. Lucas explained “She is Sia my little sister and we were just coming to visit you, but you came instead. By the way, Sia just made an important discovery! I’ll let her tell you.”.

“Uhhh oo-k-ky”, Sia started,” so… I also had the crop circles on my farm, and today it disappeared! I started to analyze this, and I found that the crop circles appeared on night day before yesterday when we are asleep, so we did not notice, but… yesterday the sky turned green in the afternoon. Which leads me to believe… the green sky was an indication, it told us when there were crop circles and when not, so I quickly rushed to my brother Lucas and he started making something. That project is finished…”

 “Which is why we were coming to see you” Lucas interrupted.

I also shared the information I had gathered so far with them and asked if this was related to something. Coincidently Lucas’s project shines a bright light. This light is meant to remove the greenish tinge in the sky misleading the aliens. The aliens will think that the crop circles have disappeared, and they will go back.

This gives a breather to study the crop circles longer! There has to be some dull or dark part of the world where Nightingale could be hiding!

I know I’m jumping the gun but as usual, I feel like I am right, I feel like the aliens want to destroy Earth.

 I explained this plan to them “But why do we need to find nightingale?” asked Sia. “Well, it’s because… uh… because if we find the Nightingale we will be able to ask questions like, who are you working with? What are you planning to do? Are you going to destroy the world?”, I replied with confidence.

 “Ok, but how will we do that?” Lucas asked.

“Well did you just forget about the plan! Anyways we need to make this big enough, we need a tracker that can track where is there a lot of light and where’s not and most importantly, we need to make sure we get there in time or else he will run away!” I responded with annoyance “That’s why we are here…” huh?

 I turned around saw the scientists, I also noticed Mark, the head scientist who had few bruises on his head.

“We want to help you Tyler, not just because you’re my friend, but I also want to ask Adrian some questions. I can help by making the machine bigger, better and make the tracker but there is a hurdle. Remember whenever a very bright light is shined on Adrian, he lets an ear-piercing sound which causes people to faint. If we shine a very bright light on the world then he will unleash a scream and so many people will faint, even die… this is very risky, are you sure you won't risk it”

 “Yes, I think we should do it” huh? Who said that?

“That was nobody just the voice of the Nightingale in your head… a good superpower plus it even helps me irritate people. Unfortunately, I also get irritated if the person who I am using this on has no effect, like Lucas, he already is clutching his jacket though he thinks that nothing is happening to him (yes I am broadcasting it to all in the room) even you are leaning against the pillar! I think you should proceed with the plan. Just so that you know, the aliens want to destroy Earth. Anyway, that enough see you later!”

 I was leaning against the pillar as Adrian said and I came to know that he wanted this. He wanted destruction so we will not continue with our previous plan instead I had an idea cooking in my head.

I will get superpowers. I am the only one that could stop this, for all we know I think he will like it if we shine the bright light just causing people to faint. Now I know it doesn’t sound like a good plan but when people will faint the aliens will attack as I am detecting hostility from them. I will stand up; I will protect Earth!

I asked the head scientist if he could give me powers, “You already have powers Tyler as you are one of the test subjects. You ate a modified fruit, there were a few people who did it to, but they died. You were the first person to live, you and Adrian, that is the reason you were glowing. We erased the memory, but you still have powers, you and Adrian have powers!” he answered.

I was dumbfounded, I blurted out,” Mark how? … why? Why did you do this? Now Adrian is on the move, using his powers to do evil and is helping aliens succeed in their plan. I have to battle him because I am the only one who can, but I do not know my powers, so how can I defeat him?”

Little did I know what was coming next, or did I? … TO BE CONTINUED

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