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Fakiya Tarannum


The Middle Class Things .

The Middle Class Things .

4 mins

          25 day's ago...lockdown was imposed throughout the India. The novel Corona virus outbreaks worldwide. The government of many nations ask people to stay at home as there is no cure and medicine available for such a virus. It took away the lives of numerous people. The world scenic art is now being like an abyss, the humans treacherously disturbs the strange and twisted creatures. We creates monsters, then fear them for what they show!!!  

        This pandemic do the same (infectious) to all people irrespective of caste, rich or poor; but what's the saddest part, that the lockdown isn't same for all. The rich aren't get affected but the poor are dying out of hunger. Yes!! the lockdown isn't same for all...  

 There lives a girl in Hyderabad, she’s from middle class family. This story is all about a girl and her feelings towards the poor when her father reflects the reality of the ones who are badly effected during this lockdown. She want to help the poor but she can’t, all she can do is pray for everyone!! 


         A girl name Faki complains to her father, why this lockdown has been imposed due to this I couldn't eat what I desire. For everything why should we suffer. Why our lives couldn't be same as that of ones who lives in palace. Her father told her....  

     O’a girl  

   Don’t complain  

 For not having proper food 

  They are many 

 Who couldn’t have any!! 


“Never compare with others, those who compare are flattering and those who don't are blooming. Always look to the one's that are sunken as it teaches you that you're blessed with the best. “ 


Baba, girl with doleful eyes... I'm sorry!! How could I be so insane and inhumane? I was disguised in profound darkness, that defines me how shallow the life is. I'm sorry for what I did.  


Just look the one's who are suffering as they couldn't afford a one time meal during this lockdown phase. They are eating slurry, just to deceive their hunger.  


Don't be sorry  

Yes I know you're worried,  

For the people  

Who faces this tyranny!!  


Baba!! Why couldn't we help people during this phase. Why couldn't we be a hero in a world full of monster!!  


O'a girl  

You're from middle class family  

All we can do is pray for your mother earth and Indian family!!  


But, baba!! Why can't we....  


O'a girl  

Don't despair as you couldn't help any  

Only because you don't have money  

You're an honest penny  

Pray for many As prayers aren't denied.  






A D O R N S  




F L O U R I S H E S  




AD O R E S  




BE A U T I F I E S  


Why this simple point didn't get to everyone?  


Beta!! Let me ask you a question...  

Which is the most beautiful moment of your life with a non- living thing?  

Baba!! You know that I’m not a materialistic. But nature could be a thing, then the very best moment of my life is....  


The winds that plays with my hair,  

Blows on my face  

Tells that life is a race  


The rhythm of the sea  

The feeling of rain  

Makes me forget all my pain  


The chirping birds makes sweet sounds  

The clear blue sky, so high, so enticing  

Everything is as beautiful as dew, wishing me a good day!!  




Um!! This is your love towards nature... But this isn't same for all  


O'a girl  

Your soul gets pondered to the serene beauty  

But now praying for the mother earth is your only duty  



To know the beauty of nature  

One must dive in to seek warmth  

Those chirping of birds, the rhythm of the sea  

Makes one forget pain and be calm,  

But negligence of people, greedy nature Posing the dangerous picture  

Now the entire world faces the hazard of pandemic  

The one who gave selflessly are living  

And the one who stayed at their own space are roaming  

This is what the mother earth has done  

To the precarious humans  

Who took all and never gave  

Are now suffering  

The mother earth who offered love to all species is now destroying  

 .....The playgrounds wait in grey  

For the frolic laughter  

Swings are still and slides desolate  

A question so contour  

Will it lead us to somewhere?  



O'a girl  

The mountains you carry You're only supposed to escalate One day!!  

The wish to be vividly ebullient again  

Will be yearn soon for the people to entertain  


Wish I could be the one who enlightens the world and heals the wounds of the one who are suffering. They are many who had money but don’t have a beautiful heart, But they are also many who had both money and beautiful heart, they help the people in this outrageous situation. Wish I could be one of them to help the one’s who are suffering.  


O'a girl  

I know you cannot help people with money But there are many ways to help, honey!  

All you can do is pray  

Without any despair  

Till then  

Let this one go  

Let your prayers flow One day... yes!!  

You'll be helping many  

With rice, curry and money  


Darling!! One day you'll be the history That everyone loves to be living!!  

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